It wasn’t even 9pm and I could’ve sworn it was past midnight…

I can’t believe I’m so tired when all I’ve done all day was sit around and eat.

-I love how the streets were clear for Christmas. No traffic to/from the airport! It took me half an hour to get there and back. Amazing!

-Bossguy had a small Open House at his place. I met lots of people and ate lots of food, so that was good. I stayed later than I had planned so I could spend time with a few folks (and a dog!) from out of town visitors. We also partook in a bit of the “Very Quentin Christmas” on Encore. Ahhh, the holiday massacre spirit!

-We then all got invited to someone else’s home on Toluca Lake. And by ON Toluca Lake, I mean they had lakefront property on Toluca Lake. I had never seen Toluca Lake, so that was a trip. The house was also once Boris Karloff’s home. And it was gorgeous and HUGE… 7200 square feet or so. The homeowners are about to completely re-do some of the living spaces in January, so I’m glad I got to see it before the re-vamp.

-Finally came home (with a ton of leftovers: roast beef, turkey, salad, rolls, desserts of all sorts) and had some while watching Iron Chef America: Battle Clam: Cat Cora vs. Sam Choy. Ted Allen and Martin Yan were judges. Woot!

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