Daily Archive for December 23rd, 2005


Went to Costco (in Burbank) today. It took 20 minutes just to find a parking space. Once we got inside, it was kind of a madhouse; but strangely enough, not as scary as I would have thought it’d be two days before Christmas. This is not to say I’d do it again, though.

When we were checking out, the cashier said it took him 40 minutes to find a parking space when the store opened. He said there were over 700 card-holding members waiting for the doors opened there. Eek.

After leaving Costco (around 1:30pm), I saw Santa riding a unicycle in Burbank (on Empire alongside the Burbank airport).

Instead of a sack of toys, he seemed to have a plastic grocery bag in his hand.

(Sorry, no photo… I was not prepared!)


I did two things I have never done before:

1) I went to a Christmas tree lot and had a tree strapped to the top of my car (not my tree)

2) I drove a Porsche convertible (not my Porsche; top not down; no tree on Porsche)

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