Didn’t anyone ever teach you not to open the door to strangers?

I was watching TV this morning (after having gone out for my morning errands and finishing an egg, tomato & quesadilla breakfast I made for myself ) when our doorbell rang.


We weren’t expecting anyone and Yoshi was still in bed, so I got up to answer the door.


I cracked the door open and through the security gate I could see a black lady in front of the door, flanked on the right with a latina lady with pamphlets and a guy behind her wearing a grey coat.

“Hi! It’s nice to see you again!” said the black lady. (She could see into the house? Eek!) “At least, I think it’s nice to see you again… I can’t see you that well…” (Oh whew, she can’t see in.)

Me: “Um… again?”

Black Lady: “It’s been a while, so I wasn’t sure if you were home.”

I decided to open the door the security door so I could figure out if they were actually our neighbors that I didn’t recognize right away. As the door swung open, the look on the two ladies faces changed from smiles to shock.

I know I wasn’t wearing makeup, but did I look THAT bad?!

Hispanic Lady: “Did you just move in?”

Me: “Um, no. We have been living here for a year and a half now.”

Black Lady: “What happened to the elderly lady that lived here… she used to take care of the hydrangeas in front there.” She pointed to the front yard.

Me: “I think she died. Before we moved in.”

Black Lady: “Well let me tell you about The Next Global Epidemic and if it’s gonna happen. Well, actually, we know it’s gonna happen, so WHEN it’s gonna happen.” She holds out a pamplet with a old photo of a hospital ward with the word “AWAKE!” across the top and “The Next Global Epidemic: WHEN?” on the bottom. I looked over at the latina lady’s pamphlets and I saw the words “Jehovah’s Witness” across the top of the pamphlet.

Before either of them could hand me another pamphlet, I grabbed the “epidemic” pamphlet and said, “Ok, thanks” and shut the security gate.

I saw the trio heading upstairs to our neighbor’s place. I wanted to stop them from disturbing our neighbors (I don’t know if J was home from having bypass surgery earlier in the week yet and it would suck if J’s wife D had to be disturbed by the the Witnesses), but I figured I should quit while I was ahead and shut the damn front door. So I did.

Next time I think I should open the door to strangers, I should remember to listen to my Mom just NOT do it.

At least they weren’t here to rob and/or rape me though.

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