Daily Archive for December 16th, 2005

Dear Universe:

Please send my wallet back to me.

I don’t know where it is.


UPDATE @ 7:28p: It’s not in my car, it’s not at home, it’s not at work, it’s not in my purse… where is my wallet?

Thanks for letting me find my wallet.

Love, Joz

UPDATE @ 7:32p: YAY! It’s not gone! I found it! Yoshi had driven the car around behind the building (where there is light). Yoshi had also pulled everything out from under the seats and we’d gone through everything. “It’s not here,” announced Yoshi, confirming what I thought (I had already rummaged through the car once after getting home from work.) At that moment, I lost all hope in my heart and gave up looking for it. I looked down, and there was my wallet wedged in the space between the seat and the front passenger door. (How come we didn’t see it until then?)

Anyway, yay to Yoshi for putting up with my panic. And, of course, yay to the Universe for answering my small wish. It meant a lot to me.

The Yoshi is the bestest!

Yoshi just finished gift-wrapping the FOUR White Elephant gifts I’ve got to bring to work tomorrow for various gift exchanges.

To be fair, I really only needed 2 for myself, but there is a good chance that Bossguy will forget to bring his gifts… hence the 4 gifts.

Nonetheless, Yoshi just wrapped them all up so they’re nice looking enough to be mistaken for real gifts.

I forgot to take pictures of the crap that I wrapped up so maybe I’ll capture pictures tomorrow during the gift exchanges.

Oh and there was one semi-serious gift in the mix, too. If it hadn’t been hand-picked for someone else, I would have kept it all for myself.

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