Just wondering.

When someone comes to your home and hangs out for hours and then leaves at 1:30 in the morning, should someone say “good night” or “thank you” or maybe “bye” to both hosts (not just the one they are closer to)?

Just wondering.

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3 Responses to “Just wondering.”

  • I think it would be rude not to say goodbye to both hosts.

  • Indeed. You have to say goodbye to both hosts–otherwise you probably won’t get invited back.

  • Or, if the lesser-close host is occupied when that someone is making their exit, they should *at least* ask the more-close host to say goodnight to the lesser-close host for them. And only if lesser-close host will be occupied for like 5 minutes or something.

    Other than that, yeah, you should not only thank both hosts and say goodnight, but you should also say goodnight to most other people who were there, if any. That’s just proper ettiquette.

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