Daily Archive for December 11th, 2005

I totally need another weekend.

Aside for having an awesome Friday night and playing Saints & Sinners Bingo Saturday morning (which I regret doing), I have had stuff to do all weekend.

Saturday afternoon, my mom came over because we needed to attend a funeral service for a family member at the Pierce Brothers Cemetary in Westwood (that’s the same one where the graves of Marilyn Monroe and lots of other famous people are at). Although I wasn’t close to the woman who passed away (a somewhat distantly related aunt), I was moved to tears on several occasions because she certainly died at too young an age… she was only about 40 and left behind a husband and 3 kids (ages 3, 7, and 9). When her son walked out of the service in tears, no one could keep their own tears in check.

After getting home from the service, mom left so Yoshi was nice enough to accompany me to The Grove to pick up some (company) gifts I had purchased at Coach. Yoshi is done with holiday shopping… so it was a great act of kindness to approach a mall on a Saturday night in December. Amazingly, we found a parking space relatively quickly (even though it took us forever to get IN the parking structure because people were driving stupidly). We got everything we needed at Coach and headed over to Cost Plus to pick up some candy and gift tags, etc. We also picked up a couple of other gifts but it really felt like we were there forever. Oh yeah, since I had spent over $600 at Coach, we were eligible for free parking at the Concierge. Too bad the guy behind the counter was too busy flirting with the girl behind the counter. He literally left us waiting at the counter after only partially taking care of us… the other guy behind the counter noticed us still standing there and took care of us. Sheesh.

Anyway, getting out of the parking lot was a giant nightmare and we came home feeling like we’d been out for 10 hours when we’d probably only been gone for about 2. I came home and blogged a bit, but didn’t do much else before crashing for the night.

I practically overslept this morning because I was just so damn tired! I had to work an auction and then stupidly headed back to the Grove because I had forgotten to pick up gift wrap material at Coach when I was there. Doh! It literally took me one hour to enter the parking structure, find a parking space, go to Coach & pick up the stuff (which was ready and waiting), turn around and go back up the parking structure to my car (on the roof) and get out of the structure. I estimate that 40 of the 60 minutes I was there involved being in the car in the parking structure. What misery.

Anyway, after getting home, Yoshi and I immediately left the house again to go to the office because I’m still not done with holiday cards and wanted to make a dent in it (plus Yoshi was good enough to put the gifts we bought from Coach together so they’d be ready to ship in the morning). We were there for about 3 hours until we needed to head home because we have a couple of houseguests who are spending the night tonight and tomorrow.

After getting them settled, I decided to sit down and blog.

That is basically my whole weekend and you will notice that in everything that happened, I didn’t have any time to:
-Clean my desk
-Work on my personal holiday cards
-Blog (that much)
-Clean anything
-Do any chores
-Take care of any paperwork
-Watch TV for any extended period

I’m getting hungry so I think I’ll eat now (I ordered food about 3 hours ago, but I didn’t have time to eat).

I don’t know how I’m supposed to be able to get any real work done this month. Seriously.

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