Daily Archive for December 7th, 2005

Let’s pretend like I have time to maintain this blog…

…and we can call this blog #1.

If I had time to maintain blog #2, I would call it “Waiting With Joz” and I would blog about all the people who are standing in line with me while I wait for stuff.

I would have blogged two days ago about waiting at Aroma Coffee & Tea Co (on Tujunga) and turning around to see Morgan Fairchild waiting to order lunch. Then someone (in the biz) recognized her from across the room and started a conversation about something, but she thought he was talking about “But Can They Sing?”. And he wasn’t. So she said, “Oops. Scratch everything I just said, I was talking about something else.” And then she ordered her food and continued (started over?) the conversation at his table until her food was ready and she was going to be seated elsewhere. She was wearing black (yoga-type pants) so I guess even when she’s wearing “casual” clothes, she looks great. And by great I mean young and skinny.

And if I had a blog called “Waiting With Joz,” today’s entry would be about how Laura Cerón (aka Nurse Chuny Marquez on ER) was in line behind me at the Hollywood Post Office (at Wilcox and Selma). She was wearing a white poofy (snow?) jacket with deep red boots that went up to her knees. She kept sneezing, so she might have been sick, but she looked great, too. (In this case, I don’t mean just young and skinny. Laura looked well put together as well, despite the sneezing.)

Aside from the occasional celebrity waiting in line, I would also blog about the ordinary crazy folk waiting in line. Two guys ahead of me at the post office today, a guy stood in line eating a sandwich while waiting his turn. Then when he got up to the counter, he laid his sandwich on the counter next to him before he shoved his mail under the bulletproof glass to the postal clerk behind the desk. It was almost 4:30 and he was eating while standing in line at the post office. I wonder if that was a very late lunch or an early dinner?

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