Daily Archive for December 1st, 2005

As a follow-up to Yoshi’s post about Pat Morita…

…here’s an excerpt of a truly sweet and touching tribute to “Uncle Nori” written by George Takei

A Tribute to Pat Morita
by George Takei

Pat Morita gave me a pain in my sides. His jokes were non-stop and relentless. I would be laughing, helpless and in pain. But he was merciless. His gags kept coming like machine-gun bullets. He would “slay” me with his jokes. Wherever we were, at dinner in a Las Vegas restaurant, at a party in Los Angeles, a fund-raiser for a non-profit institution, Pat kept me in pained laughter.

Now there is a different pain. It is the ache of parting. Pat is gone. He passed in Las Vegas of natural causes. Yet, it seems unnatural for Pat not to be bringing us joy and laughter. He was always so vibrant, so funny, and so alive. Noriyuki Pat Morita was a beloved friend and an extraordinary man. [full article]

And a tribute in a totally different vein, Mikey’s tribute to Pat Morita is in the form of a musical tribute of Karate Kid songs. Rawk!

And I missed him…

…he was in my office and I missed him.

George Takei was in my office and I missed him.

For the sake of me having a job, this is probably a good thing since my inner fan girl would have come out and then I would have made a raving fool of myself and then maybe not had a job after that.

But I missed him.

I like how quickly I got a phone call with this tidbit (seconds after he stepped into the elevator to leave the building. Hmmmm, I wonder why my “operatives” didn’t tell me when he arrived?)

Anyway, I missed him.

And that’s why there’s no blog post about how jozjozjoz made an idiot of herself at work with George Takei.

(Don’t tell anyone I said so, but I think he’s stalking me.)

How is it December already?

Where did the year go?


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