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I’ve been banned…

After spending more than $400 at the flagship Old Navy store in SF, I’ve been told that I’m never allowed to buy anything again. Ever.

So now I’m sitting in The Container Store and trying to stay out of trouble while Yoshi does the shopping here.

Yeah, like that means we’re going to spend less if that’s the way it’s gonna be.


Go Stanford!

Tonight we went to Maples Center to watch the Stanford Women’s basketball team beat the crap out of the Women of Troy of USC.

The final score? 77-56.

Woot Stanford!

(Pictures to come, if I remember.)

That redecorating project we started a couple of nights ago?

Still not done.

Your eyes didn’t deceive you…

… I didn’t blog yesterday.

(It’s 12/30 today and I’m back dating this post as if I had posted yesterday, though!)

Hooray for having a work laptop!

My personal laptop that I received about a year ago is on its way back to Taiwan.

I had been having problems with it: the power plug was not plugging in properly and I was having a difficult time charging the battery or running the laptop and being plugged in at the same time. There was also the giant crack that appeared on the bottom right of my screen and the retarded problem of the letters getting rubbed off too easily.

My dad told me that my laptop was still under warranty in Taiwan (they have warranties in Taiwan?) so I had my cousin take it back to Taiwan with him this winter for my Dad to see if he could get any resolution.

Which left me laptop-less… except that I have a neglected laptop at work. It’s actually quite nice, but I didn’t have it charged or set up properly.

Anyway, yay for having a laptop from work. It means I won’t be completely cut off… but it also means I am taking work with me on the road.

And if you’re wondering where I am right now, we arrived in San Jose a few hours ago at Yoshi’s Mom’s house.

I also got a belated xmas here and opened more presents… wheee!

Now for a redecorating project we are starting at 11pm…


Well the elation of getting a new phone lasted, oh, a few hours or so.

My Cingular SIM card was officially switched off around 8:35pm. I tested my new phone and WOOT! It worked!

Unfortunately, the T-Mobile signal at my parents’ home is even crappier than what it was with Cingular… I didn’t know that was possible. So Bro called me later this evening and told me that Mom had complained all day and all night about the lack of reception with her new T-Mobile phone. Then she asked if we could switch back to Cingular… uh no, probably not… the penalties will be HUGE.


Can’t T-Mobile just put another cell site up closer to my parents’ place?

That would make my life much better, thankyouverymuch.

Aiyahh! Jaw surgery?

Efi, Mr FlanFlanFlan himself, just called me and let me know that he had to take Aiyahh (Howie) in for jaw surgery today.

So if you get a chance, stop by his blog, or leave a comment here to wish him well and a quick recovery!

(Howie, maybe we can all meet over smoothies and ice cream or something when we go up there later this week!)

Bye, bye Cingular… hello T-Mobile…

I’ve had the same cell phone number and account since 1998… I think it was PacBell Wireless at the time that I got my first brick of a phone.

I stayed with them when they changed from PacBell Wireless to Cingular.

I stayed with them even when I accidentally forgot to pay my bill one month and they charged more than 2 months of service (almost $300) in my fees and penalties to reactivate my phone; even though I had never been delinquent with my payments before and I cried on the phone when the customer service rep told me there was “nothing she could do” to waive any of the fees. Period.

I stayed with them in 2003 when my brother and parents needed new cell phones and it made sense for us to combine everything on to a family plan. I added three more lines of service to my existing Cingular account instead of going to T-Mobile where I could have saved a crapload in service fees.

After two years of having the same crappy phones, my brother and my parents keep complaining that they needed new phones.

We went to the place where we got our phones in 2003 and basically asked to stay with Cingular (we wanted to keep our 3000+ rollover minutes we accumulated in the last year), but were informed that the plan we were on was a grandfather plan (a plan that we can’t get anymore) and that we should consider T-Mobile. I know the real reason they suggested T-Mobile is because they get more commission from them, but whatever. We needed new phones and had like 8 to choose from.

So for a plan that is very similar to what we used to have (my monthly bill is just a tad less than it used to be), but with 4 brand new spanking camera phones, I walked out the door paying $115.00 ($49.41 + $65.59 in tax). And I get a $50 mail-in rebate in a few weeks for my phone.

What phone did I get?

I got the Pink Motorola RAZR V3! (I couldn’t get the silver RAZR… 4 different people at work have the silver ones.)


My brother got a Nokia 6101 and my parents each got Nokia 3220 phones (they’re quad-bands so they can use them overseas).

All in all, it kind of sucks that I’m losing all those rollover minutes, but it was pretty obvious that we’re never going to be able to use them all anyway. I’ll also kind of miss calling Cingular when I have a problem with my phone and being able to yell at the customer service rep, “DO YOU KNOW I’VE BEEN A CUSTOMER SINCE 1998? SINCE BEFORE YOU WERE CINGULAR?!” But how can I complain about getting four new phones for $65 (after the $50 rebate)?

Unfortunately, the thing that does suck is that to port the phone #s from Cingular to T-Mobile it’s a $35 fee per line ($140) and on the T-Mobile side it’ll be a $25 per line activation fee ($100) so my next few cell phone bills will suck.

I’ll do with whatever phone, but I really hope Mom & Dad don’t complain about their phones too much. We picked ones we thought they would find most useful.

I didn’t get that much accomplished today, but this was the major thing. My brother and I also visiting Grandma before she went to bed in the evening and then we headed over to Shiau-Mei to have a quick bite before going home with our new phones.

It wasn’t even 9pm and I could’ve sworn it was past midnight…

I can’t believe I’m so tired when all I’ve done all day was sit around and eat.

-I love how the streets were clear for Christmas. No traffic to/from the airport! It took me half an hour to get there and back. Amazing!

-Bossguy had a small Open House at his place. I met lots of people and ate lots of food, so that was good. I stayed later than I had planned so I could spend time with a few folks (and a dog!) from out of town visitors. We also partook in a bit of the “Very Quentin Christmas” on Encore. Ahhh, the holiday massacre spirit!

-We then all got invited to someone else’s home on Toluca Lake. And by ON Toluca Lake, I mean they had lakefront property on Toluca Lake. I had never seen Toluca Lake, so that was a trip. The house was also once Boris Karloff’s home. And it was gorgeous and HUGE… 7200 square feet or so. The homeowners are about to completely re-do some of the living spaces in January, so I’m glad I got to see it before the re-vamp.

-Finally came home (with a ton of leftovers: roast beef, turkey, salad, rolls, desserts of all sorts) and had some while watching Iron Chef America: Battle Clam: Cat Cora vs. Sam Choy. Ted Allen and Martin Yan were judges. Woot!

Too much food.

Not enough sleep.

Need more free time.



Went to Costco (in Burbank) today. It took 20 minutes just to find a parking space. Once we got inside, it was kind of a madhouse; but strangely enough, not as scary as I would have thought it’d be two days before Christmas. This is not to say I’d do it again, though.

When we were checking out, the cashier said it took him 40 minutes to find a parking space when the store opened. He said there were over 700 card-holding members waiting for the doors opened there. Eek.

After leaving Costco (around 1:30pm), I saw Santa riding a unicycle in Burbank (on Empire alongside the Burbank airport).

Instead of a sack of toys, he seemed to have a plastic grocery bag in his hand.

(Sorry, no photo… I was not prepared!)


I did two things I have never done before:

1) I went to a Christmas tree lot and had a tree strapped to the top of my car (not my tree)

2) I drove a Porsche convertible (not my Porsche; top not down; no tree on Porsche)

More info…

…regarding that IM virus I blogged about earlier this week from my IT Department at work:

There have been some reports of a virus being distributed via the AOL Instant Messenger client. The virus comes in as a link to the mySpace website.

It may look something like this:

look at my new picture

This instant message will come from someone that has been infected, which will likely be someone on your “buddies list”. Please make sure to NOT CLICK on URLs contained within instant messaging programs. This includes Yahoo, MSN Messenger, AOL AIM, Trillian, Sykpe, etc.

There isn’t any information about this at Symantec, but here is what we have found:

I had something to say…

…but I forgot what it was.


It’s baaack!

My twitching is back.

I’ve had it for 3 days now.

I should be more accurate. I’ve had it for 3 WORK days now. Funny how my left eye started twitching last Friday, went away for the weekend, and came back yesterday.

Can you say “stress-induced twitching?”

Ooh. Don’t open that IM!

I didn’t open it, but I got like 5 IMs with the same thing:

“Is it ok for me to post this picture of you up on facebook?”

My co-workers opened it and were sending the virus out to everyone on their buddy lists. Eeek.

Now we are IM-less until our IT guys say it’s ok.

It’s just not right…

Bossguy is already in a foul mood. It’s 9:30 and he hasn’t even arrived at the office yet… he’s not allowed to be grumpy yet!

Something to do this afternoon: Part II

In the mood to do some unusual holiday shopping? Why not stop off at a special Natural History Auction by the IM Chait Gallery/Auctioneers in Beverly Hills?

For the ultimate Hitchcock fan you could be the owner of Alfred Hitchcock’s skull, Lot # 235, well, a skull he owned; not the one on his head, seen in the photo below:


Some unusual paleontological items:
* Dinosaur Egg with an embryonic dinosaur skeleton preserved inside
* Virtually complete Ceratopsian dinosaur skeleton
* Unique “Flying Dinosaur” skeleton, Pterosaur, from the Jurassic Period
* Skull of an extinct Sabre-Toothed Cat

View the catalog

Don’t want to get dressed and walk out the door to attend? Watch/bid online via eBayLiveAuctions.

(I’ll be there… I’m the one sitting behind the computer monitor and screaming out bids from internet bidders.)

Something to do this afternoon: Part I

Last night, I attended the annual holiday concert of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles (GMCLA)… program entitled “A Touch of Brass.”


As usual, the men gave a wonderfully musical and entertaining show. The highlight? The return of Phil Hettema’s “Foamettes” (large-sized puppets that come to life with the help of blacklight and an army of puppeteers) who “perform” T’was the Night Before Christmas in a way you’ve never seen in before.


Today is your last chance to catch this awesome performance at the Alex Theatre in Glendale at a 3pm matinee.

Didn’t anyone ever teach you not to open the door to strangers?

I was watching TV this morning (after having gone out for my morning errands and finishing an egg, tomato & quesadilla breakfast I made for myself ) when our doorbell rang.


We weren’t expecting anyone and Yoshi was still in bed, so I got up to answer the door.


I cracked the door open and through the security gate I could see a black lady in front of the door, flanked on the right with a latina lady with pamphlets and a guy behind her wearing a grey coat.

“Hi! It’s nice to see you again!” said the black lady. (She could see into the house? Eek!) “At least, I think it’s nice to see you again… I can’t see you that well…” (Oh whew, she can’t see in.)

Me: “Um… again?”

Black Lady: “It’s been a while, so I wasn’t sure if you were home.”

I decided to open the door the security door so I could figure out if they were actually our neighbors that I didn’t recognize right away. As the door swung open, the look on the two ladies faces changed from smiles to shock.

I know I wasn’t wearing makeup, but did I look THAT bad?!

Hispanic Lady: “Did you just move in?”

Me: “Um, no. We have been living here for a year and a half now.”

Black Lady: “What happened to the elderly lady that lived here… she used to take care of the hydrangeas in front there.” She pointed to the front yard.

Me: “I think she died. Before we moved in.”

Black Lady: “Well let me tell you about The Next Global Epidemic and if it’s gonna happen. Well, actually, we know it’s gonna happen, so WHEN it’s gonna happen.” She holds out a pamplet with a old photo of a hospital ward with the word “AWAKE!” across the top and “The Next Global Epidemic: WHEN?” on the bottom. I looked over at the latina lady’s pamphlets and I saw the words “Jehovah’s Witness” across the top of the pamphlet.

Before either of them could hand me another pamphlet, I grabbed the “epidemic” pamphlet and said, “Ok, thanks” and shut the security gate.

I saw the trio heading upstairs to our neighbor’s place. I wanted to stop them from disturbing our neighbors (I don’t know if J was home from having bypass surgery earlier in the week yet and it would suck if J’s wife D had to be disturbed by the the Witnesses), but I figured I should quit while I was ahead and shut the damn front door. So I did.

Next time I think I should open the door to strangers, I should remember to listen to my Mom just NOT do it.

At least they weren’t here to rob and/or rape me though.

Dear Universe:

Please send my wallet back to me.

I don’t know where it is.


UPDATE @ 7:28p: It’s not in my car, it’s not at home, it’s not at work, it’s not in my purse… where is my wallet?

Thanks for letting me find my wallet.

Love, Joz

UPDATE @ 7:32p: YAY! It’s not gone! I found it! Yoshi had driven the car around behind the building (where there is light). Yoshi had also pulled everything out from under the seats and we’d gone through everything. “It’s not here,” announced Yoshi, confirming what I thought (I had already rummaged through the car once after getting home from work.) At that moment, I lost all hope in my heart and gave up looking for it. I looked down, and there was my wallet wedged in the space between the seat and the front passenger door. (How come we didn’t see it until then?)

Anyway, yay to Yoshi for putting up with my panic. And, of course, yay to the Universe for answering my small wish. It meant a lot to me.

The Yoshi is the bestest!

Yoshi just finished gift-wrapping the FOUR White Elephant gifts I’ve got to bring to work tomorrow for various gift exchanges.

To be fair, I really only needed 2 for myself, but there is a good chance that Bossguy will forget to bring his gifts… hence the 4 gifts.

Nonetheless, Yoshi just wrapped them all up so they’re nice looking enough to be mistaken for real gifts.

I forgot to take pictures of the crap that I wrapped up so maybe I’ll capture pictures tomorrow during the gift exchanges.

Oh and there was one semi-serious gift in the mix, too. If it hadn’t been hand-picked for someone else, I would have kept it all for myself.

Just wondering.

When someone comes to your home and hangs out for hours and then leaves at 1:30 in the morning, should someone say “good night” or “thank you” or maybe “bye” to both hosts (not just the one they are closer to)?

Just wondering.



Am behind.


This would be funny if it wasn’t meant in seriousness…


Asian actress looking to be Asian actress looking to be “girlfriend” for gay VIP – w4m – 27

Reply to:

Date: 2005-12-12, 3:03AM PST

I am slim, petite, Asian, and in my 20s….

I am an actress/model, really looking for a paid job as girlfriend for an in-the-closet famous/VIP gay guy… You know, like Tom Crui…. I mean, like some other people. I ONLY WANT TO HEAR FROM GAY GUYS WHO ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS OR THEIR REPS/FRIENDS. So please please don’t write to me if you are straight and want to date. I am serious about this! I would sign contract, absolutely discreet. I actually am dating somebody who would also remain discreet, as he is VIP too, but straight.

Serious only will get replies.

* this is in or around 310
* no — it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Thanks to J-X for the link.

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