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Oh yuck.

I accidentally spilled gack* on myself (down the front of my shirt) and now I reek of the stink of gack.

*Don’t ask. All you have to know is that it’s disgusting and stinks to high heaven.

Why is falling asleep on the couch…

…in front of the TV soooooooooo comfy?

What happens when Yoshi’s away for the evening and Joz’s dinner plans get cancelled?

Joz comes home, eats leftovers out of the fridge (this is, she eats the leftovers while standing in front of the fridge… door open, little light on).

Then she takes a box of Cheez-It Party Mix (only it’s not a “mix” anymore because she previously ate everything she liked out of the mix, leaving only the cheez-its and pretzels) and sits in front of the TV watching Nova while finishing everything in the Cheez-It box.

Then Joz drinks a can of Fresca and continues to sleep through a second episode of Nova, along with an episode of the American Experience on PBS.

Then Joz wakes up when she realizes she needs to go to the bathroom and that it is suddenly 11pm and she’s done nothing she was supposed to do in the evening because she was eating and sleeping.

Hmmmm. (I was gonna practice my DDR but I guess napping in front of the TV won out.)

Maybe I shouldn’t blog about this stuff so it can’t be held against me in the future…

Thanks to J-X

I’ve been de-grumpified for the afternoon.

Thanks for buying lunch at Daphne’s.

Now if only the end of the day will come quicker so I don’t have to be here anymore.





While I’m at it…

…I’m going to remove some other irritating crap from the sidebar of my blog:

Bye bye Blogsnob/Pheedo:
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Sneaky, sneaky!

Well, I will no longer be able to check certain stats (eh, who cares, they aren’t that great), but thanks to OrangeHairedBoy, we have discovered the source of that annoying RedNova pop-under that’s been generated when you were visiting. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hopefully there will be no other surprises from my little doohickeybobbers on my sidebar.

(The script I removed from my sidebar is pasted in the extended entry, if you’re curious about the bugger that caused it… but you may not see anything unless you “View Page Source”). Stupid Netstat/Webstat4u.
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Hooray for the weekend!

This weekend I discovered how I don’t have no rhythm.

Thanks a lot, DDR.

Stop it! I said I’m not pregnant!

Hey you. You’d better be careful.

Nez cleared the air and surprisingly, his gonococcal pharyngitis has cleared up with it. (Thanks, Nez!)

So the question is, Mr Don, how’s that throat of yours feeling? Has the doctor given you any antibiotics for that gonococcal pharyngitis yet?

UPDATE: That’s more like it. Thanks, Mr Don!

Question about Parking.

So, have you ever been someplace, say Downtown in the evening and you park in a seemingly unattended lot with ambiguous signage?

And then you get out of your car, you get hassled by some guy who supposedly “works” in the lot asking for $6 for flat fee parking. And you look at him like he’s crazy because he’s not wearing a uniform, just a flannel shirt and jeans, but you give him the $6 becuase you’re afraid if you don’t give him some protection money for your car he’s going to let the air out of your tires and scratch the heck out of the paint job on your car?

So yeah.

Should you pay these guys? How can you tell if they’re really supposed to be there or not? Aside from handing these guys your hard earned cash, how can you deal with this? Where does the law stand on this?

Dear Nez,

Thank you for starting the false rumor that I am pregnant.

I don’t know what the hell “source” gave you that information, but I can let you know that your crack source is on crack.

Sorry to disappoint, but there shall not be any spawn of jozjozjoz… at least not anytime soon.

By the way, how is that gonococcal pharyngitis* clearing up?

The un-pregnant jozjozjoz

*gonorrhea of the throat

Interesting day…

…much good news. (Not ready to share yet, but will in due time.)

Ate too much. (Thanks for popping the bag of popcorn and bringing it up to me, J-X.)

Got lots accomplished. (Thanks for coming to the office Yoshi and helping me with my time-consuming project.)

Here’s my doodle…

This is my doodle from yesterday. It was done with 1 extra fine point black Sharpie on 8.5 x 11 copy paper.


Would anyone buy a jozjozjoz original doodle drawing?

Just curious.

I started it this afternoon when I was on hold while trying to book a conference call.

Let’s just say I was on hold for a long time.

I’ll scan it when if it gets done.

I need a re-do of the weekend.

Pretty please?

(It’s not fair that I worked 6 hours today and have to go into work at 7:30am tomorrow.)

i messed up one friggin number

but i did it in record time! but because i messed up it won’t show me my ranking. doh!

It’s not like I have kids or even a dog for that matter…

…but can’t I just have a weekend to do nothing? Or just catch up on personal errands/tasks? Or not have to see something or go anywhere or do anything?

Heck, I don’t need a whole weekend. I’ll take a day of my weekend.

I already know that I’m working on Sunday, but I just got off the phone with Mom and I have to go home to my parents house for a few hours. But that also means two hours of driving and half of my “day off” is going to be spent DOING SOMETHING. I know I really shouldn’t complain because at least I can see my family and Dad is going back to Taiwan on Monday, but I’m just so frickin’ tired (emotionally tired, not physically tired).

I don’t need sleep.

I need rest. I need to work less. And I need to win the lottery.

I guess I shouldn’t wish for things I’m never going to get.


I stained my shirt.

(That’s what I get for eating Tommy’s for lunch. Total karma. Bleh.)

Pigging out on sushi at lunch…

… is not a good idea.

(Especially if you don’t want food coma and tummy ache afterwards.)

If you’re walking down the street…

…and someone offers you a prosthetic leg, check to make sure it doesn’t belong to Melissa Huff. (She’s been through enough as it is).

i’m not cheating, really!

here’s my fastest time for websudoku.

If you’re taking your car to the Toyota dealership on Hollywood…

…or going to the Free Clinic across the street for that matter, watch out for a crazy spikey-haired dude with a bullhorn leading hoardes of people in blue shirts and yellow hats with power tools.


Thanks to musikchyck for the heads up and the blurry picture from her cameraphone.

Fresca in the new can!

I just want to document that two minutes ago, I drank Fresca from the new “fizzy looking” can for the first time.


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