Daily Archive for November 30th, 2005

Get back in touch with your inner musician*


Come to the Music Center to re-learn and play those notes in the company of other lapsed musicians like you! Make music again – mistakes happily included – for the sheer love and fun of it.

Workshops / Play-Alongs for:
– Clarinet
– Flute
– Trumpet

9:30am to 11:30am

Registration is required (space is limited). Registration fee: $10 per workshop (parking included). All sessions run concurrently; one workshop per person only.

Intended and designed for adult learners (age 18 and above), non-professional musicians. All participants must provide their own instruments and should be able to play at an advanced beginner level. Sheet music provided at no extra cost.

For more information please e-mail musicmakers@musiccenter.org or call 213.972.3660 or visit the Music Center website

*Time machine not included in registration fee. Maybe they’ll have another one soon.

Here goes nuthin…

Ok, I’m gonna really do it.

I’m going to do holiday cards this year. (I gotta use up that postage, no?)

People who received Maui postcards are on the list for holiday cards (email me if you have any changes)… but if you want a holiday card from me please send me an email with your mailing address (and phone #/IM addie while you’re at it) to joz AT jozjozjoz DOT com

Wish me luck!

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