Just to clarify…

…I know I blog about my Mom yelling and screaming all the time, but you should know that we love each other and are pretty close.

She always yells and screams because she is always loud (not necessarily because she’s mad at me). And she’s also deaf in one ear and doesn’t realize how loud she’s being even though people are always telling her how loud she is. (I’ve also been told that I’m loud but don’t know it either… and I can’t blame it on being deaf in either ear.)

Although my Dad doesn’t scream and yell (he’s usually calmer than Mom is), he is also deaf in one ear… the opposite one of whichever ear my mom is deaf in.

So if they sit next to each other at an event, they have to sit next to each other in a certain way if they want to hear the other talk.

But at home, Mom and Dad are often hollering at each other… mostly so they can hear each other/themselves. Another annoying thing about their home? There are telephones in every single room of the house (minus the bathrooms) and every single ringer is set on LOUD. I hate it when people call the house when I’m there because I *jump out of my skin* from all the damn ringers.

Anyway, back to Mom. Yes, she yells at me a lot, but I know she’s not TRYING to scream at me. She can’t help it.

But it doesn’t mean I don’t get aggravated about it every so often, either.

(If you’re wondering… both my parents lost their hearing in their respective deaf ears due to childhood sicknesses.)

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3 Responses to “Just to clarify…”

  • My mother-in-law is partially deaf from a stroke some years ago, so she always has the television turned up louder than most humans can tolerate. Worse yet, she insists on talking louder than the television and never pays any attention to what’s on. Hooboy.

  • Not to be crass, but there’s so a sitcom script in this somewhere.

  • When I used to coach, I told all the kids the first day of practice that they should EXPECT me to yell at them. When I quit yelling at them, it meant that I gave up on them as athletes the the sport. Much like your mother yelling at you… would it be better if she DIDN’T yell at you?

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