Happy Thanksgiving!

I think it’s some sort of irritating tradition that my mom yell at me on Thanksgiving.

I called her earlier today and I got screamed at. But it was short and didn’t last long.

(How was I supposed to know that she had already called me 2-3 times this morning? I was up; the ringer was just off!)


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2 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  • Yo Joz, long time no see. I just had to comment about your mom yelling at you, because you’ve mentioned before that is her MO when speaking to you anyway. Why would T-Giving be any different?! *g*

    I’ve moved from Montreal, one hour north in the Laurentians. If you like country living, you could not ask for better. :) See ya.

  • Screaming? Not for the longest time, from my mother.

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