Finally, all that PartyPoker pays off…

I fooled them all the first game ($20 buy-in); first to be knocked out… only to come back the second game to beat them all!

Tournament style; 1st place wins $120; 2nd place wins $60; 3rd place wins $20 (gets the buy-in back).

I beat my brother with a straight on the turn.

Now my cousins are calling me Annie Duke, even though I’m not.

Whoo hoo for an $80 profit!

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1 Response to “Finally, all that PartyPoker pays off…”

  • I just played my first game of “Texas Hold ‘Em” after my Thanksgiving dinner. I spent the week watching every single one of those poker showson TV (it’s as if every channel comes up with some excuse just to have a poker show — the Travel Channel?). I even brought along a hooded sweatshirt, just like the “Unabomber.” Within a half-hour, I went “all in” and lost. It sounds like I would be afraid to play with you.

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