Daily Archive for November 14th, 2005

What happens when Yoshi’s away for the evening and Joz’s dinner plans get cancelled?

Joz comes home, eats leftovers out of the fridge (this is, she eats the leftovers while standing in front of the fridge… door open, little light on).

Then she takes a box of Cheez-It Party Mix (only it’s not a “mix” anymore because she previously ate everything she liked out of the mix, leaving only the cheez-its and pretzels) and sits in front of the TV watching Nova while finishing everything in the Cheez-It box.

Then Joz drinks a can of Fresca and continues to sleep through a second episode of Nova, along with an episode of the American Experience on PBS.

Then Joz wakes up when she realizes she needs to go to the bathroom and that it is suddenly 11pm and she’s done nothing she was supposed to do in the evening because she was eating and sleeping.

Hmmmm. (I was gonna practice my DDR but I guess napping in front of the TV won out.)

Maybe I shouldn’t blog about this stuff so it can’t be held against me in the future…

Thanks to J-X

I’ve been de-grumpified for the afternoon.

Thanks for buying lunch at Daphne’s.

Now if only the end of the day will come quicker so I don’t have to be here anymore.





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