Daily Archive for November 13th, 2005

While I’m at it…

…I’m going to remove some other irritating crap from the sidebar of my blog:

Bye bye Blogsnob/Pheedo:
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Sneaky, sneaky!

Well, I will no longer be able to check certain stats (eh, who cares, they aren’t that great), but thanks to OrangeHairedBoy, we have discovered the source of that annoying RedNova pop-under that’s been generated when you were visiting. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hopefully there will be no other surprises from my little doohickeybobbers on my sidebar.

(The script I removed from my sidebar is pasted in the extended entry, if you’re curious about the bugger that caused it… but you may not see anything unless you “View Page Source”). Stupid Netstat/Webstat4u.
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