Daily Archive for November 10th, 2005

Question about Parking.

So, have you ever been someplace, say Downtown in the evening and you park in a seemingly unattended lot with ambiguous signage?

And then you get out of your car, you get hassled by some guy who supposedly “works” in the lot asking for $6 for flat fee parking. And you look at him like he’s crazy because he’s not wearing a uniform, just a flannel shirt and jeans, but you give him the $6 becuase you’re afraid if you don’t give him some protection money for your car he’s going to let the air out of your tires and scratch the heck out of the paint job on your car?

So yeah.

Should you pay these guys? How can you tell if they’re really supposed to be there or not? Aside from handing these guys your hard earned cash, how can you deal with this? Where does the law stand on this?

Dear Nez,

Thank you for starting the false rumor that I am pregnant.

I don’t know what the hell “source” gave you that information, but I can let you know that your crack source is on crack.

Sorry to disappoint, but there shall not be any spawn of jozjozjoz… at least not anytime soon.

By the way, how is that gonococcal pharyngitis* clearing up?

The un-pregnant jozjozjoz

*gonorrhea of the throat

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