Daily Archive for November 5th, 2005

i messed up one friggin number

but i did it in record time! but because i messed up it won’t show me my ranking. doh!

It’s not like I have kids or even a dog for that matter…

…but can’t I just have a weekend to do nothing? Or just catch up on personal errands/tasks? Or not have to see something or go anywhere or do anything?

Heck, I don’t need a whole weekend. I’ll take a day of my weekend.

I already know that I’m working on Sunday, but I just got off the phone with Mom and I have to go home to my parents house for a few hours. But that also means two hours of driving and half of my “day off” is going to be spent DOING SOMETHING. I know I really shouldn’t complain because at least I can see my family and Dad is going back to Taiwan on Monday, but I’m just so frickin’ tired (emotionally tired, not physically tired).

I don’t need sleep.

I need rest. I need to work less. And I need to win the lottery.

I guess I shouldn’t wish for things I’m never going to get.

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