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i’m going to regret this

but i thought they were appropriate. so long as joz doesn’t buy 50 of them.


Another *hic* bad case *hic* of hiccups



My Mom is returning from Taiwan tonight!

I’ll be heading out to LAX to pick up her soon.


A full day.

I returned to the office after my “day of hookie” (aka – sick day where I watched too much TV) and worked a full day yesterday.

Then I was taken to dinner at The Palm where I left with a full tummy. For food freaks, I may even share a few pictures of some of the massive amounts of food we had.

Tonight is a show & then dinner.

My question is, “Where did the money come from?”

Motorist Slows To Grab Money Off Freeway, Causes Crash
Vehicles Crash On 105 Freeway

LOS ANGELES — Authorities said a multiple-vehicle crash occurred Monday when motorists slowed to pick money off a freeway in Hawthorne.

The crash on the eastbound 105 Freeway was near the Hawthorne Boulevard exit ramp.

At least three people were injured. Authorities said an infant suffered severe injuries, an adult was compaining of chest pains, and another person had minor injuries.

The crash is causing traffic delays in the area.

Guess what?

I called in sick.

I’m checking email/voicemail from home though.

That’s ok, isn’t it?

Still sick…

…but I still worked 8+ hours today.

Bossguy felt bad that he needed to bother me. I asked for OJ and he got me a huge bottle of freshly squeezed juice and a big ol’ container of chicken noodle soup. Too bad I was running late and could only eat some bagel chips and drink some OJ while I was driving to Beverly Hills for my auction job (I was over an hour late) and worked straight through until 5.

I wanted to pass out. I got home and I put the chicken noodle soup on the stove and had most of it while watching the Season Finale of “Monk” from a few weeks ago, the pilot of “Everybody Hates Chris” and the Oprah with Chris Rock.

But guess what? I told Bossguy that I was planning on calling in sick tomorrow. He promised he would try not to call me unless he had to.

Here’s hoping for a miracle! (That he won’t call me. I’ll get better soon enough!)

Thank goodness for Saturdays

I’ve been able to sleep, eat Ramen out of the pot, wear the same clothes since I got home yesterday, and watch TV while this ucky bug takes its time going away.

I’m supposed to work tomorrow, but I’m hoping to be better by then because I’d rather be working than sick.

Who me? Call in sick?

Yes, I dragged my stuffed up head and achy body into work today.

No, I’m not feeling better (got 3-4 hours of sleep for the second night in a row). I stayed up last night working on a deadline. The good news is, I’m almost done. Once I get this thing out the door, I will either collapse at my desk or beg Bossguy to let me go home early.

The bad news is, I feel like my head will explode any minute now. And I’m pretty sure my nose is malfunctioning. *sniffle*

Enough about me… how are you?!

I’m such a dummy.

I blame this headache I’ve head for the last couple of days that I haven’t been thinking clearly.

I just realized that if I’d thought it through, I could’ve asked my darling professoreric for some help on a project that’s due tomorrow.

Oop, well now I guess it’s too late. I’m stuck staying up all night finishing it myself.

Seguing into a totally unrelated topic, since it’s pretty obvious that my giant headache was a precursor to my being sick, it’s a good thing I haven’t gone to visit Grandma because I might be contagious. (In case you’re wondering, Grandma is still pretty much the same. She no longer has a fever, but is still pretty swollen. And, yes, she’s still in ICU. Today my Bro and Dad went to visit her. Bro said that she teared up when she saw him.)

How not to respond if you actually care how I’m doing…

My friend IMed me and asked me if I was doing ok.

I said: I’m feeling sick, actually
Her response: im sorry. take something
I said: I did
she said: well, feel better

Then she launched into a full-fledged rant about all this shit wrong with her life.

Is this supposed to make me feel better?

I have had the biggest headache all day. This is definitely not helping.

Was that an earthquake?

Was it?

UPDATE: Yes, it was. Actually there was more than 1. There was a 4.0 and then a 4.9

Here’s the quake map at 1:32pm:

Click to embiggen

Here’s are some links:

Did you feel it? Fill out the form:
Felt the 4.0?
Felt the 4.9?

So were the passengers in last night’s Jet Blue plane watching the coverage on DirecTV?

(As wondered in comments yesterday by John Gibson on

Why, yes they were.

LOS ANGELES – The airliner circled Southern California for hours, crippled by a faulty landing gear, while inside its cabin 140 passengers watched their own life-and-death drama unfolding on live television. [full story]

Isn’t there anymore email I can check?

A comment I can read?

A blog post I can write?

(I’m procrastinating and I really can’t afford to.)

They’re supposed to attempt to land at 5:25

That’s 3 minutes away. Eek.

(Jet Blue Forced Landing Live Feed)

UPDATE @ 5:28p: They’re not landing yet. They’re taking another lap.

::Original post by eecue at

Uh oh.

Why does my throat hurt?

I went through the trouble of having a good night’s rest (I basically slept from the time I got home from work almost all the way through to when I got up this morning), and now I’m not feeling well?!?!?

What’s up with that?!?!?

High tech parking meters coming to the L.A. area

Time is running out on traditional parking meters lining curbs around Southern California. And many motorists couldn’t be happier.

Those pesky coin-gobblers that have tormented motorists since the first one popped up on an Oklahoma street 70 years ago are getting a makeover.

Soon, drivers with no change in their pocket may be able to pay to park by credit or ATM card. Those whose meter is about to expire may be able to get a text message on their cellphone warning that they face a ticket if they don’t move their car or feed the meter. That same cellphone can be used to electronically deposit more money in the meter without the motorist having to return to the street. [full story]

Bizarre elevator small talk

The elevator doors open and a thin, older man (slightly reminiscent of John Waters) wearing a suit and holding a briefcase is standing inside. I walk in and he says to me as the doors are closing, “Nice weather, isn’t it?”

I gave a nervous little laugh and said, “Well, it’s different.”

The elevator whirred up to the next floor.

He says to me in a knowing voice, “At least you didn’t get struck by lightning. You should be safe now.”

And at that moment, the elevator doors opened and he walked out to his parking level.

Even the ads are noticing the freaky weather in L.A.

Click to embiggen.

Cleared off the TiVo for premiere week

I forgot to put How I Met Your Mother on the TiVo, so ooops, I guess I won’t be watching that show.

Watched Out of Practice and deleted it right after watching it. Pretty much the only reason I’m remotely interested in watching it is because Henry Winkler is in it. I love Henry Winkler.

Also on the TiVo list: Commander in Chief (too bad the site is lame), E-Ring (guess who put this on the Tivo… not me), The Apprentice: Martha Style (yeah, so?), My Name is Earl (even though the dumb ad in Entertainment Weekly last week scared the bejeesus out of me), Inconceivable (just cuz Ming Na is the lead) and, of course, Everybody Hates Chris (quite frankly the first show in a long time that I am excited about watching).

Let’s see how many of these end up on my Season Pass.

I swear I’m not high…

…but I just saw lightning and heard thunder…

UPDATE: And now it’s raining.

Thank you, for confirming that I’m not seeing/hearing things:

Weather in LA?!

It shouldn’t take much…

… to get this entry about soroh to end up at the top of the search results at google for soroh. (Right now it’s #4)

I say SOROH!



[Please excuse this lame attempt at google-bombing the name soroh. It may be lame and it may be annoying, but I promise it will be effective. Especially if you do it, too. Please feel free to share my nerd-humor with the world.]

Work, eat, work some more, eat, rest, eat, deal with family, visit Grandma, come home, watch tv, sleep

Yup, that was pretty much my day.

Grandma Update

I was going to visit Grandma today and yesterday, but after calling Dad for updates, he encouraged us (me and Bro) to stay home since every time I called, her condition was stable and slightly improved.

He either doesn’t want to worry us or doesn’t want us to worry anyone else and I guess Grandma is getting a good number of visitors from other relatives and she needs her rest. Today they changed the feeding tube to her stomach (she’s needed one for probably a year now) and her breathing condition hasn’t changed in the dramatic way that it did a couple of days ago. She’s not out of the woods yet, so keep that mojo flowing.

It’s a mixed bag of emotions for me to discuss my Grandma. How did time go by so fast that she is the last of my grandparents left? I know we can’t keep her forever, but I can’t even deal with the thought of losing her yet. I guess I always thought all my grandparents would last ’til (close to) 100 since my great-grandparents made it well into their 90s. How funny that I think of 80s as being “young.”

Anyway, please keep a thought or two for my Grandma because I know more than anything she just wants to go home and have us visit her there instead. Thanks.

No news…

… is good news in this case.

I talked to Dad and Grandma’s condition is no worse, but no better either.

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