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Good(?) news

I finally heard from my friend E (who lives in OC, but whose parents live and own two shops in New Orleans). E and I are childhood friends and our moms have been good friends for many years. E said her parents are fine (there went inland to stay with friends), but they don’t know how their house/shops are. But at least her parents are fine.

Katrina coverage via
::Metroblogging New Orleans::

Is that an ouchie?

Here, put some bacon on it!

Bacon Bandage!

Doesn’t it feel much better now?

[via Michael]

I want to eat junk food* right now.

But I won’t.

But I want to.

But I won’t.

But I really want to.

But I won’t.


*junk food = Doritos

UPDATE: I didn’t eat the Doritos.

Today is Tuesday RUDEDAY, August 30, 2005.

What is up with all the rude people?

Huh? What?

Rude people suck!

Thank you, J-X!

Thanks to J-X for thinking of me this morning and calling me to see if I wanted a Sausage Egg McMuffin for breakfast. First I said no, then I said, “Yes.” It was 9:30 and I’d already been in the office for an hour, working furiously.

And no, I did not get up early enough to eat breakfast. I did, however, stock my desk with protein bars.

But the Sausage Egg McMuffin was more filling. And yummier.

Thanks, J-X!

P.S. – Thanks also to professoreric for his offer of coming over and making me breakfast!

Maui postcard to Daniel

Daniel posted a pic of the postcard I sent him on his site.

He was nice enough to share a picture:

hey, baby! nice blowhole

(Can you see the little dolphin thought bubble?)

Random stuff for August 29, 2005

Ok, technically we’re only half an hour into 8/29, but whatever.

-Cool beans: I got a mention on L.A. Observed about my Hollywood Bowl rant. I also noticed that jozjozjoz is listed as one of the selected sites, too. Double cool beans.

-Bossguy already told me that I should “plan on staying late this week” at work. So if I’m not blogging, it means that I’m working. Sorry I haven’t gotten around to “Joz’s Island Adventures” yet.

-One of the first bloggers I ever met in person, Chris Filkins (Filchyboy), got written up in the L.A. Times Magazine cuz he’s a swinger (registration required, but use bugmenot). That sounds all kinky and all, but it’s really not.

(Photo borrowed from filchyboy’s site. I dare not steal the one of him features in the Times.)

Hang Time

In the scene around Santa Monica’s traveling rings, the regulars have found an art form, an ad hoc family and, in some instances, salvation

By Nicole LaPorte, Nicole LaPorte is a staff reporter at Variety.

“Filchyboy” is in the zone. He reaches up, grabs the first ring and solemnly lowers his head, then begins running back and forth to build momentum. He takes off and kicks his feet, toes pointed, out to one side. His face tilts back to greet the sun. He grabs the second ring with his free hand and pushes himself higher by cranking downward with his ropy arms. For a split-moment he makes contact with a supporting pole and alights there, Spider-Man style. Then he swooshes down, chest forward, arm outstretched for the next ring, and the next, down to the 10th ring and back, along the way completing a series of twirls, flips, dislocates and then, finally, a daredevil dismount into the sand.

His return to earth is met with claps, compliments. “Great, man.” “Nice swivel.” Filchyboy pulls off his headphones, grins, and is absorbed into the cluster of swingers waiting their turns. [full story]

-I took some time this weekend to do something really geekily organized: I finished putting all my take-out/delivery food menus into plastic sheet protectors and in a binder. Now all my menus are categorized. This either means I’m a really big geek, or that my food is very important to me. I think it’s both, but primarily the latter.

-I’ve been told all my life that I have bad posture. Yoshi says that I’m developing a little hump on my back (kind of at the back of my neck). I don’t think it helps that I’m in front of a computer 90% of my waking hours, hunched over a keyboard. Today I started sitting up straight. I had to think about it and everytime I started to slouch, I sat up again and threw my shoulders back. It’s tiring. Also, now I have pain in my shoulders/neck. I think I was using muscles that haven’t been used in a while. Anything to get rid of a hump.

Now I want one, too.

Thanks a heap, Nanette.

I saw your post mentioning the Magic Stapler on your site and now I must have one for myself… I LOVE office supplies. (I swear, I get lost in Staples whenever I go. I am worse than a kid in a candy store.)

Magic Stapler!

Staples are history! You’ll never have to run out of them again. The Staple Free Stapler cuts out tiny strips of paper and uses the strips to stitch up to 5 pieces of paper together. Environmentally friendly.

Anyway, I covet the Magic Stapler… it shall be mine!

So I didn’t have to go to regular work this morning…

… but I did have to work my “other job.”

Relax. It’s only my “half-job” since I only go there one or two days a month to help out.

Besides, it was air-conditioned. Better than sitting at home in the heat. Yuck.


Nobody likes my nerd humor?

Worst fucking night at the Bowl (WARNING: LONG RANT AHEAD)

First of all, I want to say that I love the Hollywood Bowl. After a long week at work, I love the Friday nights we pack some food up and drive up the hill to enjoy dinner and music under the stars. It usually cheers me up if I’m in a bad mood and it takes a lot to ruin a night at the Bowl.

That being said, tonight has sucked. i’m frickin’ blogging during intermssion and wishing we weren’t stack parked so we can leave this shitty experience behind us. Firework conclusion & awesome musicianship be damned. Make the idiots in the audience disappear and I’m golden.

The evening started out nice enough until the people sitting next to us showed up. At first I was glad because we usually sit next to Guy Who Talks To Everyone Around Us. He’s annoying during dinner but fine during the show, so I don’t mind him that much. An older couple showed up: they were quiet-looking folk. I got my hopes up too quickly. I found out quickly that the woman next to me had the world’s worst halitosis. I should’ve listened to my instincts and changed seats then, but I pay for my seats to be where they are and I wanted my nice view of the concert and fireworks so I stayed thinking that the worst I had to deal with was some old lady’s bad breath.

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Uh oh.

Bossguy just asked me, “What are you doing Sunday morning?”

(There were some whisperings of some execs coming in on Sunday morning to work on a presentation.)

Nerd humor: joz-style

I’ve got to share some IMs from yesterday that I had with my IM friend, Soroh.

Excerpts below:
[09:27] soroh: hey sweetie! how are you?
[09:29] Joz: Tired
[09:36] soroh: other than tired, how r things?
[09:36] Joz: EH
[09:38] soroh: :/
[09:38] Joz: I’m always tired tho
[09:43] soroh: i know….you need to get that looked at girlie!!
[09:47] Joz: Yeah, I hate going to the doctor
[09:47] soroh: i know, but you become a victim to circumstance if you don’t take care of yourself. it’s self care chicka.
[09:47] soroh: that’s all i’m going to say
[09:47] soroh: :)
[09:48] Joz: Ok then:P
[11:10] soroh: thus, i have spoken lol
[11:10] Joz: thus spake sorohthustra
[11:11] Joz: har har
[11:11] Joz: i kill me.
[11:12] Joz: I’m such a nerd.
[11:12] Joz: I made a Nietzsche pun
[11:14] soroh: i like that….hmm lol
[11:20] Joz: That is such the title of your blog
[11:21] soroh: love it
[13:36] Joz: I betcha you could get
[13:36] Joz: You would be the only sorohthustra out there
[14:02] soroh: lol
[14:02] Joz: Of course no one would be able to spell it
[14:03] Joz: And people would be like “soroh-what-what dot com?”
[14:03] Joz: But *I* would think it’s funny
[14:03] Joz: Which really is the only reason why you should do anything
[14:05] soroh: exactly!
[14:05] soroh: just because
[14:06] Joz: No, no. Because *I* think it’s funny.
[14:06] Joz: Not just “because”
[14:06] Joz: :P


Why does scanning photos have to be such a frickin’ hassle?

Just wondering.

Disturbing news…

My Dad has discovered Skype.

He insists on calling me with it despite the fact that I keep complaining about crappy-ass connections (I can’t hear him) and dropped calls (he keeps blaming me for hanging up on him when Skype is just cutting us off).

I tell him that the reason I pay for a family plan (which his cell phone is included on) is so that we can call each other whenever & wherever we want. He keeps insisting Skype is cheaper (well you can’t get cheaper than free), but hey, I’m paying for the airtime regardless, so he may as well use the minutes.

Also, he called me at work today on my cell phone to tell me he was calling me with Skype. I asked him what he needed to talk to me about and he said, “I’m using Skype.” And then he repeated it like 5 times. I told him I was on a deadline and asked what he needed and he told me he was calling me on Skype. Thank you, Dad.

He thinks he’s all “ahead of the game” and stuff because he uses it and wants to “teach me about new technologies.” Whatever.

Oh and the worst part? He pronounces it “sky-pee” not “sky-puh” (like “hype” with an “s” in front of it… thanks nessahead for confirming the pronunciation).

Sky-pee? It sounds like that blue water in the toilets on airplanes. I don’t want to use sky-pee. I’ll stick to my cell phone for now, thanks. Better yet, I have a landline at work. I’ll use that to call you if I need to.

(To be fair, Skype would be great for international phone calls. But I don’t think it’s necessary to use Skype for a call that is “free” on our cell phones that have perfect reception.)


My site is broken, I know.


UPDATE: It’s fixed. Thanks, Michael.

Side Note to Self:

Dear Self,

Wake up earlier so you can hop in the car, drive over to Joz’s house and make her a buffet that she may partake in a well balanced and delicious breakfast.

It is not acceptable to allow your friends to not eat until 1pm, and solely snack on pork rinds. There are many other snacks besides pork rinds. For example, a million. And if Joz is seriously considering become an orthodox jew, she must abstain from all pork product.

Just 15 minutes for Joz’s food in the morning will save you the heartache of reading such post she puts up while hungry at her desk at work.

(aka professor eric)

P.S. Post more stuff on jozjozjoz so she doesn’t think you stopped loving her.

P.P.S. Post Post Script more and more and more. ‘cause it’s fun.

Note to self…

Dear Self,

Please wake your sorry butt up earlier by 15 minutes everyday so you have time to make/buy breakfast before you get into the office!

It is not acceptable to arrive at the office at 8am, not have lunch until 1pm, and snack on pork rinds until your first meal of the day.

Just 15 minutes for food in the morning will save you from further tummyaches.


Everything you never wanted to know about…

tying your shoelaces.

Did you know I can read minds?

Bossguy just asked me out of the blue for “the stuff on what’s-her-name” and I knew exactly what he wanted.


Attention Keanu fans

Seen in today’s Daily Variety:

Lana turns heads at WB

Lyne to helm Turner tale with Zeta-Jones, Reeves


Warner Bros. is mobilizing a feature on the fiery romantic relationship between Lana Turner and Johnny Stompanato.

The studio is in talks with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Keanu Reeves to star in a drama Adrian Lyne will direct.

If deals can be worked out, untitled pic will shoot in January. Script was penned by David and Janet Peoples, with a rewrite by Sebastian Gutierrez. Beau Flynn, Bill Lischak and Erwin Stoff produce. WB’s Kevin McCormick will oversee.

Drama chronicles the infamous Hollywood courtship between Johnny Stomp, a bodyguard and bagman for gangster Mickey Cohen, and movie star Turner. Their relationship ended when Turner’s daughter, Cheryl Crane, stabbed Stompanato to death on April 4, 1958, in what was ruled justifiable homicide.

Pic would put Reeves back in the WB fold, where he has made “Constantine” and “The Matrix” pics. He’ll next be seen in “A Scanner Darkly” and “Thumbsucker” and just completed “Il Mare” opposite Sandra Bullock. Zeta-Jones will next be seen with Antonio Banderas in “The Legend of Zorro.”

Read the full article:

Postcards galore!

Yay! People are receiving the postcards! (I’m updating the list as I hear from people)

::sharky the kid:: ::shelli:: ::muckdog:: ::radiofreewill:: ::vince:: ::shannon:: ::stkyrice & aiyahh:: ::dad & bro (well dad anyway. he didn’t bother to show it to bro):: ::sean bonner & caryn coleman:: ::ginny & kevin:: ::hed:: ::StrobAlific:: ::keith:: ::ernie:: ::james:: ::chris & ponzi:: ::daniel (daniel even posted a picture of the card!):: ::woody’s kid:: ::chris & sarah::

Yes, I’m back at work.

Yes, I’ve been here since 8am.

Yes, I was missed.

Yes, I am swamped.

No, you will not hear “Joz’s Island Adventures” today. (Glad the postcards seem to be arriving, though not ahead of me.)

Internet, sweet internet…

5 whole days with ZERO access to email… and I lived to tell the tale! Except I am too damn tired to tell any tales.

I noticed that had our neighbors checked their mail, they would’ve seen our postcard in their mailbox today before we got home… hope all 78 postcards arrived (or arrive) quickly! (For the record, not all 78 postcards were for blog friends.)

Now for sleep! (Bossguy called and left a voicemail for me this afternoon asking that I be back at work by 8am tomorrow. I guess I was missed… ha!)

we’re on vay-cay-shun!

editor’s note: i tried to post this on whatever day this was, but was unsuccessful mainly because mt 3.whatever doesn’t load right in my pda. can i just say whatever one more time before i go collapse into bed? whatever.

that means no work, sleeping in, and good food! well so far, we’ve managed to not work’ but we keep getting up before 8 am because of the time change. hopefully that’ll kind of stay the same because we have to get up for sunrise at haleakala on monday morning. i’ll let jozjozjoz fill you in on more of our adventures…


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