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Rest in Peace, Steve Bell

Even though Steve Bell was a former KTLA exec, I met and worked with Steve Bell when he was running the Museum of Television & Radio in Beverly Hills. A huge opera lover, his office was filled with operatic memorabilia. He was an incredible leader and I learned a lot from him.

He also moderated many a seminar at MT&R. Funny enough, he moderated the seminar which featured the premiere of the Deep Space Nine Finale, which Jeff Koga did a write-up for. (I was supposed to attend that night and got sick.)

I’m going to miss him.
Obituary: Steve Bell
by Variety Staff

Former Fox and TCI exec and KTLA senior VP-general manager Steve Bell died of a heart attack Tuesday in Pacific Palisades. He was 66.

Bell spent 38 years working as an executive in television management, programming and production. He spent 11½ years at KTLA (1981-1992) where, among other projects, he oversaw the creation and development of “KTLA Morning News” in 1991.

He also led the station during its purchase by Tribune Co. in 1985.

After KTLA, Bell joined 20th Century Fox, where he ran network television production and founded Foxstar Prods. He then joined TCI, where he ran 12 cable channels for the Starz Encore Media GroupStarz Encore Media Group.

He was a director of the Beverly Hills Branch of the Museum of Television & Radio.

Recently, he taught courses at UCLA Extension and frequently lectured on the history of opera for the L. A. Opera, the Los Angeles Opera League and the Wagner Society of Southern California.

Survivors include his wife Bernice (Binnie); two children; and a brother, Alan Bell, CEO of Freedom Communications.

Services will be held 3 p.m. Friday at Hillside Memorial Park, 6001 W. Centinela Ave., Los Angeles.

Donations can be made to Inner City Arts, attn. Cynthia Hamish, 720 Kohler St., Los Angeles CA 90021, or the Los Angeles Opera Education Program, 135 N. Grand Ave. #327, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Spain defies Church to legalize gay marriage

Spain OKs Gay Marriage, Defying Opponents

Parliament legalized gay marriage Thursday, defying conservatives and clergy who opposed making traditionally Roman Catholic Spain the third country to allow same-sex unions nationwide. Jubilant gay activists blew kisses to lawmakers after the vote. [full story]

Just for kicks, lets take a look at Gay Marriage Around the World:

The following is a look at gay marriage in nations where it is legal in all or part of the country or where such legislation is pending.

NETHERLANDS — Legalized in 2001. Same-sex couples also have the right to adopt children, either within the Netherlands or from abroad.

BELGIUM — Legalized in 2003. Gay couples cannot adopt children, although that is being discussed by lawmakers.

SPAIN — Legalized on Thursday. Gay couples have all the rights enjoyed by heterosexual couples, including for adopting children.

CANADA — The House of Commons passed legislation Tuesday that would legalize gay marriage by July 31 as long as the Senate also passes the bill, which it is expected to do.

UNITED STATES — Massachusetts is the only U.S. state that allows gay marriage. Vermont and Connecticut have approved same-sex civil unions.

For Sale on Craigslist: LA area only! SOLD!

Black Loveseat/Sofabed AND/OR Coffee Table

Black loveseat; also folds out to be a full-sized sofabed. Very comfortable and in good condition. Non-smoking household and no damage or stains. $40 OBO

Loveseat dimensions: 65″ W, 32″ D, 27″ H

We’re unable to deliver, so you must be able to come by to pick it up.

Also available: Curved wood coffee table. Good condition, very sturdy. One leg was repaired once, but now is fine. There are some minor flaws on the tabletop. $10 OBO

Coffee table dimensions: 53″ L, 30″ W (at its widest), 17″ H


Actress Jennifer Tilly Wins Poker Event

Actress Jennifer Tilly Wins Poker Event

Wed Jun 29, 8:04 AM ET

Jennifer Tilly can kick your ass in poker!LAS VEGAS (AP) — Actress Jennifer Tilly is no poker pretender. Tilly won the Ladies no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em event at the World Series of Poker, marking the first time a celebrity has won a bracelet at the famous tournament.

Tilly’s skillful and self-admitted lucky play earned her $158,625. She beat 600 players to capture first place in the grueling two-day event that featured some of the top female pros in the world. The buy-in was $1,000.

“I think she showed an incredible amount of talent,” WSOP media director Nolan Dalla said. “She had an enormous chip lead and never looked back. It was almost as though her victory was never in question.”

Tilly, 46, said she’s learned plenty of pointers from her boyfriend, poker player Phil “Unabomber” Laak.

“When you’re living with Phil, you kinda learn by osmosis,” Tilly told “Even in the middle of the night, he wakes up screaming out poker terms. Most guys scream out other girls’ names. He’ll wake up and go, `I should have bet more on the turn.'”

Tilly, an Oscar nominee for her role in the 1994 film, “Bullets Over Broadway,” is the first woman in this year’s WSOP to win a bracelet.

The WSOP is being held at the Rio hotel-casino.


On the Net:

Highlight of the day so far

The miniature KitKat version of “Ebony and Ivory” as performed by Milk Chocolate KitKat and White Chocolate KitKat. Directed and produced by J-X.

Thanks, J-X!

calling joz’s answer man

i know you couldn’t answer the $64,000 question that joz posted earlier, but maybe you can answer me this: just what happens to the banners that are put up on the lampposts on major boulevards in los angeles? where do they go once the event they’re advertising is over? for example, the king tut exhibit has said banners on pico boulevard, but when king tut goes back to egypt, where will his banners end up? does the city keep them? throw them away? do they go to the organization that sponsored/purchased them?

ok, those are a lot of questions. the jozjozjoz and i were having a conversation a month ago with some friends and it came up. jozjozjoz said she should ask you, “oh-great-and-powerful-answer-man” that you are…

really, though, have you any thoughts on the matter? much appreciated!

Finished Harry Potter Book 2 yesterday

Waiting for Book 3 to arrive.

(Yes, I know each book has a title. I just like referring to them by the order they came in.)

Anyone want to guess why I’m in major trouble…

…and why I had to buy Yoshi excessive amounts of alcohol after it was discovered what I’d done?

I’m halfway through the second Harry Potter book…

… and I’ve made two startling discoveries…

1) I don’t have Books 3 & 4 (Yoshi’s mom still has them)
2) I forgot to bring it with me this evening (I was planning on finishing it off)

I guess it’s good that I forgot Book 2 because I’d probably finish it tonight and be sad that I don’t have the next book to start.

Yoshi was smart and had me watch the first movie today. It delayed me from reading another 2 hours worth of the book…

…so sad am I!

Need food and sleep NOW

That’s all.

Guess what I just did?*

*Ok, don’t guess… I’ll tell you…

I just finished reading the first Harry Potter book.

(Yeah, so I’m a little behind, but I want to get caught up by the time Book 6 comes out in a few weeks.)

I’m so tired…

… I don’t think I can finish this po….



Would anyone like to test to see if my blog is working by leaving a comment or two?


Still alive…

Thanks to all the help that has been offered to solve my spam/MT problems. I’ll do the detailed & specific thanks later.

So the good news is that my blog is not completely dead. The bad news is that it is pretty damn f-ed up.

Oh, and for some reason, my comments are all gone and I don’t know where they go to if you submit them. So if you leave a comment, well, I probably won’t see it for now.

But you know where to find me via email or IM.

Hope to be back up and running soon. Lots has happened since my blog died and I’ll probably forget it all by the time everything is fixed.

Again, sorry.

It’s been almost 24 hours since I was last able to login.

When I was able to login, I was in for 20 minutes before the spammers came along and killed my blog again.

This sucks. I need to find an effect spam blocker (MT-Blacklist/SpamLookup certainly don’t seem to work) or change from MT to something else completely…

Sorry about the lack of posts and the inability to leave comments

The spammers are overloading my database and it shuts my entire blog down.

I can’t clear spams, I can’t make posts, I can’t rebuild… heck, I haven’t been able to login for more than 12 hours.

Things I didn’t blog about here because spammers broke my blog

1) Earthquake! (Yes, I felt it from the 20th floor.)
2) Lunch with Nessahead at Fabiolus (Hi Phil!)
3) Seeing an old co-worker, Ray Gonzales (KTLA’s Community Affairs Director) having lunch with someone I used to work with when I was in high school(!)

Oh and last week, I had the pleasure of meeting my building-mate, David Kurtz, who I probably wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for that fire across the street. I’d have blogged about it sooner if I hadn’t been so busy clearing out the spam.

This is way out of control… sigh.

Poodle aerobics? Say what?!

I saw this as the “Viral Ad of the Month” in the June 13th issue of AdWeek.

Mariko Takahashi’s FITNESS VIDEO for being appraised as an “EX-FAT GIRL” aka Poodle Aerobics

This ad, by Uchu-Country, Tokyo, shows an aerobics instructor with poodle-like muscles, teaching poodles aerobics. Evidently it’s an ad for Vivre, a Japanese clothing store. But it’s one of a series of 10 short movies for Panasonic / Olympic Games in Motion.

1) Peace Running: Run through a monochromatic world in this fast-paced work of animation.
2) Adrenalin: Video art as beautiful as a kaleidoscope and filled with tension.
3) Motion. Captured.: A strong visual message expressed using the Pei-Bell Effects developed by the artist himself.
4) RUNNNNNER: Female runners race from a miniature world into the real world in this work of stop-motion animation.
5) Untitled: A running person or a moving machine? An animated character of in cinematic feel.
6) Arc: A spiritual message in a floating world
7) Untitled: Futuristic film shows that the souls of athletes will never change
8) P.B. Recki: Graphics and music fused in a new style of painting-inspired film
9) Mariko Takahashi’s FITNESS VIDEO for being appraised as an “EX-FAT GIRL”: Fun fitness movie catering to both art and special make-up
10) Momentum: Capturing the sensation of being an athlete by using new styles of expression.

Please. Buy me a toad purse.

Someone, please. Buy me a toad purse. It’s all i ever wanted.

Yes, your blog is working now. ;)

Fer Pete’s Sake!

Damn spammers keep breaking my blog!

If you left a comment & it’s not posted… Oop! Sorry! I had too much spam and accidentally deleted yours too!

Yay my blog is fixed (for now)

Thanks to everyone who called, IMed, emailed to say “Hey! Your site is down!”

It’s like the emergency blog watch service::

Thanks especially to Michael, blog-fixer extraordinaire!

I’m sharing a dirty little secret with you…

… I watched “Hit Me Baby 1 More Time” tonight… and I kind of liked it (in fast-forward on the TiVo).

Well, really, I just liked seeing how people changed over the years & I liked Arrested Development’s performances.

I could’ve done without the Loverboy, Flock of Seagulls, CeCe Peniston and (especially) Tiffany.

I don’t think that I’ll be putting it on my Season Pass list.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention how annoying the host of that show is, too. So, to sum up… I *didn’t* really like the show that much. Except for Arrested Development.

(But here’s the REAL dirty little secret… I was watching the wedding episode of Britney + Kevin: Chaotic on the other channel with Hit Me Baby 1 More Time was TiVoing. I feel my brain shriveling as I type this! Definitely the only time I’ll be watching any of that show!)

Warren Wilson retiring from KTLA

I had the pleasure of working with Warren Wilson at KTLA and I can honestly say that they don’t make newsfolk like they used to. He’s the last of a dying breed… honest, hard-working, with genuine integrity… I hope he enjoys retired-life!

Seen in today’s Hollywood Reporter:

Warren Wilson, a veteran Los Angeles radio and TV news reporter known for brokering the surrenders of some 22 fugitives during his many years on the beat, has retired after 21 years as a reporter at Tribune Broadcasting-owned KTLA Los Angeles.

During his tenure at KTLA, Wilson’s scoops included interviewing Rodney King in 1991, just days after King was beaten by L.A. police officers in a videotaped incident that helped spark riots in the city the following year.

But Wilson is best known for serving as a trusted liaison who arranged the surrender of nearly two dozen criminal suspects to law enforcement officials. In March 1993 alone, two suspects involved in unrelated incidents contacted Wilson to arrange their surrenders. One was a 14-year-old boy wanted for questioning in a murder case who told Wilshon that he reached out to the reporter because of his “reputation for honesty.”

P.S. – Thanks to J-X for the heads up… I already saw it by the time you called me, though!
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So appropriate?

“We Are the World” is playing on my “Big Hits of the 80s” station on Musicmatch.


UPDATE on 6/14: The radio alarm clock went off this morning and was playing “Bad.” Arrgh!

In a galaxy far far away….

All of your Star Wars fans LISTEN UP! Tune into the USA Network next Monday night, June 20th for the AFI Lifetime Achievement salute to George Lucas. It was a star studded evening with the original cast: Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, R2D2, C3PO, and Chewbaca, along with Warren Beatty, Annette Benning, William Shatner, Claire Danes, Robert Duval, Calista Flockhard, John Williams and others!

Now we all know how much Jozjozjoz likes to post photos of food, so I couldn’t help myself when I wandered by this seat:


Yes, it’s George’s starter for dinner. What exactly is it? Caterer Wolfgang Puck created this “Pesky Toe Crab with avacado, edamame, in a lemon ginger vinagrette” Interesting to say the least…
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