Do not look at this entry if you don’t like pictures of eyeballs.

Consider that fair warning.

So today, I was sitting at my desk and my left eyelid got itchy. So I got my compact out and looked. And I saw a little bump. And I could actually feel it getting bigger.

So of course, I’m going to share the pictures I took of my grotesque giant eyeball and puffy eyelid.

Continue at your own risk.

Should you scroll down any further, please disregard all the ugly little lines under my eyes, the fact that you can see my contact lens, my poorly applied eye makeup, and my unruly/untweezed eyebrows. I was too lazy to photoshop these pictures. Thanks. –The Management

Eyelid.  Before.
This is my eyelid right when I felt the itchiness. You can’t see the bump because my eye is open.

So here it is a few seconds later… closed.
Closed eye.  Little bump.  Itchy.
Sorry it’s blurry, but I was taking the picture with my eyes closed. Ha! It was pretty itchy at this point, but you can see the bump pretty clearly.

Five minutes later, I looked at my eye, and the bump had gotten bigger! Wanna see?
Open eye.  Bigger bump!
Look how my eyelid is all weird and poofy. Oh yay!

Actually, you can really see the bump when I close my eyes…
Big scary bump on eyelid!

The good news was that this was about as big as it got. It’s still there, but it’s not as bad. It just kind of looks like I’m wearing red eyeshadow.

I wonder what it was?

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32 Responses to “Do not look at this entry if you don’t like pictures of eyeballs.”

  • you realize that there are those that wouldn’t even notice the difference? do you need additional tasks to keep you busy at work?

  • i bet that hurts… =(

    happy weekend anyways!

  • didn’t you have this last year when allergies were really bad? same thing happened to me…and i just did warm moist compresses until the stye (or whatever it was) popped its gooey goodness while i was asleep. i didn’t know this until i was wondering why i couldn’t open up my eyelid.

  • i think i’ve had one of those before… it went away after a couple of days, and i never found out what it actually was.

  • i emailed the picture to a friend of mine who’s a specialist. he says you’re dieing.

    or it’s a stye.

  • It’s not a stye!

    It’s actually more likely a slight allergic reaction to something or other! (I took a benadryl and it went away)

  • Hrmm.. I would say an infection too. I had those before… I usually just drink lots of water..and go to bed early at night….

    it went away in about 2-3 days….

    Hope you feeling better :)

  • Joz, hon, I hate to break it to ya, but you got serious problems. Serious, serious problems.

    Hope it goes away, and you no longer have serious, serious problems.

  • Aha! Allergies. (doing my best Elmer Fudd impression) And as Wobewt pointed out pweviouswy, it is vewy, vewy sewious.

    See if you can get a note from your doctor, JozJozJoz is allergic to work… recommend couch rest, extra butter popcorn, and (mindless) *wink wink* educational tv for one week.

  • You gots the stink eye. Or, a stye. Lance it!

  • yup, it’s a stye. the inflammation will go away, but it may come back. you need to put hot compresses on it.

    How to make a compress: Wet a washcloth with really hot water. Apply this wrung out washcloth, as hot as you can stand it, until it gets cool, then go again, for 15+ mins, 2x a day.

    A less messy way of doing it is: you can wet a cloth wring it out, and then pop it in the microwave for a few seconds, then apply it, then re-nuke it when it gets cold. Your hands (and face) will be a lot drier this way.

    BTW – I’m a chef, not a doctor, so you should only listen to what I’m saying because my husband gets them All The Tiime. and if you don’t fix it, the next step is ointment in your eye. ick. And if it still doesn’t fix it, you’ll need surgery to have it removed. OUCH!

  • What you have is called optical cystitis. Trust me it sucks but it does not last that long. One thing that I find helps is disolvinhg a cup of arm & hammer into 3 cups of warm water, as hot as you can tolerate, and soaking it on your eye for somewhere about 5 minues on 5 minutes off. Trust me it will feel better.

    Hope it get better for you,
    Anna O’Connor
    San Francisco


  • Man that is fucking nasty you need to get that peace of shit out of your eye before you die!

  • I have a bump on my eyelid too, my girlfriend noticed it, so I googled images for bump on eyelid and found this page that has some useful advice. Thanks

  • you don’t look bad

  • hey this site is so bogas but it helped with my report thanx

  • you have pritty eyes !!

  • how long did this last because i have the same thing and its being going on off and on for 1 month

  • I have this same thing right now

    i really dont know what it is either

  • i’ve had this since last week of march, been to 3 doctors who say “that’s weird”. a dermatologist believes its a local hive. He said usually they don’t show up in one area. I’ve been on 10 mg allergy medicine everyday and once i stop, it comes back. i will be following up with another doctor shortly.

  • I had that to for a really long time and it bothered me alot

    When i went the eye specialist i was told it was something like a sty but to get it out i had to do a small surgery and chances that it will come back were very high.

    I finally did the surgery after about 1 yr of living with that ugly thing and till today my eyelid is bump free..although one eyelid,..the one that had th slightly bigger then the other..not ver noticeable but afcorss it is to me!

    Oh and the reason i got the bump to begin with is because i was allergic to eye make up,.almost any kind:)

  • i still have this till this day. It’s been since march 2008, its definitely a hive and i’m still looking for some answers to stop the meds.

  • that thing on your eye is called a chalazion, which is similar to a stye, but its hard like a cyst. You have to use warm compresses 3-6 times a day with the water as hot as you can stand it. I have one right now and thats what i am doing, they usually go away within 2-3 months without any treatment. hope that helps a little.

  • OMGG, this happened to me yesterday! and im trying to find out what it is!!

  • i have one of these on my eye and i am very confused because most people are saying to use warm compresses and it goes away in a short time and some people say it goes away in three months. i believe i can this this a try for a while.

  • I just had this same thing appear today. I have bad allergies and i believe that from the weather being cold to warm then cold again and today it rained pretty hard for the first time in a while it might have stirred up a lot. I’ve never had anything like this before, definitely have had hives before.. and im a huge makeup fan, I have never had a problem with makeup before though.. and i haven’t started anything new. My roommate told me it looked like a sty and that pretty much freaked me out. I appreciate these pictures being posted though because looking up sty info.. all of them say it’s on the inside of their lid, mine just itched for a second, was really weird and then i got this red bump. It looks pretty swollen after a few hours. Thanks for the info though!

  • My father always used mentholatum on us when we got bumps and they would go away in a day. Works on zits, hives, and weird little bumps like that on your eye. My dad said he used it on all his friends in vietnam when they showed up with huge bumps on their eyes and it would go away over night. I know its weird that its suppose to be used as a vapor rub but found out it works on other stuff too like bumps! XD hope that helps. Its like one of those chinese medicine secrets. Hahahah. Just put it on your eyelid before you go to sleep. Be careful not to get it inside your eyes.

    Heres a picture of the product. I think you can get it at Walgreens or one of those stores. You got to check XD

    good luck!

  • I have one of these bumps as well and it is actually on my eye and not my eye lid :( i hope it is not deadly

  • i think thats Chalazia .. you’ll have to have a minor surgery before that turnes into cancer.. <.<

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