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Do not look at this entry if you don’t like pictures of eyeballs.

Consider that fair warning.

So today, I was sitting at my desk and my left eyelid got itchy. So I got my compact out and looked. And I saw a little bump. And I could actually feel it getting bigger.

So of course, I’m going to share the pictures I took of my grotesque giant eyeball and puffy eyelid.

Continue at your own risk.
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Wait. Is this interesting?

I got a manicure/pedicure last night. This was after MONTHS of next to no care to my hands or feet. Scary.

And I already ruined my nails by chipping my french manicure on my left index finger.

Doh! It’s been less than 24 hours! Oh well, I didn’t really like my french manicure that much anyway, but mostly because my nails are shorter than I’d like them to be right now.

(Ok, sorry, that wasn’t interesting at all. I tried.)

I thought I had something interesting to say…

… but I was wrong.

I haven’t had anything interesting to say for a long time now.


Locked out.

Damn the forced log-in password changes.

I don’t think it registered my “new” password and I locked myself out of my workstation while attempting to log-in at 8am this morning.

And none of the IT folks are in yet…

UPDATE @ 9:09am: Hooray! Password has been reset and I’m back in! It just goes to show how quickly things can get done if you pout, whine, and generally look pathetic.

Wild Goose Chase

… trying to find a non-existant building …

… in the rain …

… while being hassled by homeless people …

Oh joy.


My Mom wants me to clean out all my stuff in her garage.


Great Friday

Well, it will be if I get to leave the office at a decent hour, that is.

UPDATE: I got to leave a grand total of an hour early. But at least I didn’t have to stay late!

Sad, but true…

I hate to say it again, but it’s true… Barney Martin (known as Seinfeld’s Dad) passed away this week.

just covered it an hour ago this morning.

Ynetnews in Israel released this half an hour ago.

Memorial services are pending. The family requests that memorial donations be made to: The Actors Fund of America, 5757 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

Look what I got at work today!

I got flowers at work today!


I’ve been working closely with a bunch of consultants lately and to show their appreciation for everything I’ve helped them with, they got me some flowers today. :)

Bye bye Morty Seinfeld

I caught a blurb in the trades that Barney Martin, veteran actor best known as Jerry Seinfeld’s father Morty on “Seinfeld” died on Monday of cancer. He was 82.

I haven’t seen this reported anywhere, not even IMDB, yet. So sad for an actor who created the role of Amos Hart in the Broadway Musical “Chicago”.

Weekend wrap up

We started off the weekend with poker night (it was actually billed as “Cards, Cocktails, and Celebration!”) at Sharky & Doetzie’s on Friday. Without actually counting the chips, I think I might have been the chip leader for the night, catching something like 4 winning hands in a row at the end. Poor Yoshi never won a hand all night. Oh, and I got dealt the A-8 hand FOUR times that night. Weird.

I woke up early Saturday morning to get my papers for my taxes together. For the giant disaster area my desk seems to be, I am proud to say I found all my bills and got them organized in less than a couple of hours. I went back to bed for a couple of hours because I wasn’t feeling well and we went to the tax guy in the afternoon and got my taxes done. Woot!

Later in the evening, we were joined with the company of Teebubble, who was nice enough to stand an egg up for the equinox. We watched the Lemony Snicket movie on tape (promotional copy since it’s not available on tape or DVD until late April), followed by an episode of Monk (the Very Old Man episode), and then some games of Zuma (stupid game!).

On Sunday morning, I dragged Yoshi out to Costco because I needed gas and a couple of things I forgot to get (even though they were on my list) when were there last week. And then we came home and I watched that old Steve Martin/Lily Tomlin movie All of Me while Yoshi napped. Then I didn’t feel well again, so then I took a nap. After getting up, I blogged a bit and well, I can’t remember what else we did.

So now, though most of this post was written on Sunday, I’m going to post this on Tuesday, even though it was mostly about what happened on Friday and Saturday. (How appropriate is it that I just watched 4 hours of Star Trek: The Next Generation… the last two hours being the episode “All Good Things” regarding the time/anti-time anomaly which was going to destroy humanity?)

It was bound to happen sooner or later, wasn’t it?

So a bunch of people have their panties in a bunch because Tom Oliver, the President of Pierce College, allowed (an accepted payment for) a promotional photoshoot to take place on their campus. What I find amusing about the whole thing is that Mr. Oliver likens the shoot to “photography” similar to such that one would find in an art class. He says, supposedly there was no “pornography,” only “photography.”

COME ON! Call a spade a spade! It was a “photography” session promoting something “pornographic!” Probably not a good idea to say that it was “easy money,” either.

SoCal college hosts racy video shoot, spurring complaints

Friday March 18, 2005

LOS ANGELES (AP) An adult film cable channel shot footage for a video at Pierce College, earning the college $5,000 at a time when schools in the state struggle with shrinking funds but raising charges that campuses should not be used for shooting X-rated films.

The Spice Digital Network, a subsidiary of Playboy Enterprises Inc., used the Joe Kelly baseball field for two days in early March to shoot a racy promotional video that showed women and men in provocative attire.

“It’s what I would call easy money,” Pierce President Tom Oliver said Thursday, adding that he had clearance from the Los Angeles Community College District. [full story]

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice!

Eeek!  I touched one!Yoshi has been finding these beetle(?) bug thingys throughout the house for the last month or so. Yoshi had asked me to ask Will Campbell: Answer Man if he knew what they were, but I hadn’t seen any until last night.

Yoshi saw one crawling on the wall next to my head (ack!) while we were watching TV. Good thing my camera was in my pocket and I snapped a shot of it. Now I can post the picture for Will Campbell: Answer Man and see if he knows what it is. (Yoshi had already done some web research on miscellaneous beetles and found one similar to this online, but we thought we’d ask the Answer Man for a second opinion.) Supposedly these things are harmless, but I don’t like them… especially since after not having seen them at all for a month, I ended up seeing ANOTHER one in the same night.

I was getting in bed and had my glasses on the night stand (I’m pretty much blind without my glasses or contacts) when I saw a little black piece of fuzz on my pillowcase. I went to grab it and it turned out to be a hard little bug! I shrieked and threw it on the floor and then asked Yoshi, “Was that one of those beetle bug things?”

“I don’t know…” said Yoshi. “…seeing as you THREW it before I could see what it was.”

Since I throw like a girl, the bug ended up just a couple of feet away on the floor. I put my glasses on and saw that it was indeed a beetle bug thingy. I picked it up with a tissue and smooshed it and went to flush it down the toilet. (I take no chances with bugs, no matter how “harmless” they are.)

And then I washed my hands with anti-bacterial soap before coming back to bed and flipping my pillow over. (It was late and I was too tired to change the pillowcase.) Blecch.

After those damn spider bites more than a month ago (the scars are still VERY visible on my forehead), I have zero tolerance for critters of any sort anywhere near the bed.

So anyway, back to the point…

Will, what are these things? And how do we get rid of them? THANKS!

Sound the trumpets!

My taxes are officially done!

*does the jozjozjoz happy dance*

(Now please don’t let me forget to MAIL them!)

UPDATE 3/21/2005: Taxes have been mailed!

Random strange snippet that arrived in my inbox

I don’t know the source of this, or even who sent it, but I got this in the text of an email today… I’m not sure what to make of it, especially since I don’t like horror movies…

Here! is ‘HellBent’ for gay slasher pic

Here! Films has acquired worldwide distribution rights to the feature film “HellBent,” a horror/slasher movie featuring gay characters fighting for survival amid a West Hollywood backdrop.

The movie was written & directed by Paul Etheredge-Ouzts, making his feature-film debut; and produced by Steven J. Wolfe and Joshua Silver. It is scheduled to be released theatrically in June by Here! Films in association with Regent Releasing.

Proof that a big ol’ loser like Joz can sometimes still be a big ol’ winner!

If I blogged about all the LAME things I do throughout the day, I would be too embarrassed to get out of bed every morning.

But sometimes I am compelled to share shining examples of what a big ol’ loser I can be, so I’m going to describe something I did last night that probably gives Yoshi the right to make fun of me even more than usual.

We’re planning a weekend in Vegas in about a month, so Yoshi suggested that I should book my flight now, since I already know all the details I need. Yoshi was even nice enough to go to and find the fares and flights available for me and to remind me to do it “NOW” so I wouldn’t forget to do it.

So even though it was like 9:30pm and I hadn’t had dinner yet, I thought, “The Yoshi is very smart and I had better listen.” Instead of making food, decided to book my flight before eating.

So before I could book my flight, I had to turn on my laptop so I could get my Rapid Rewards number. While waiting for the boot-up, I got distracted on my other computer, playing games, surfing blogs, responding to some emails, etc.

An hour later, I started complaining about how hungry I was. Yoshi turned around and asked, “What are you doing? You said you were going to eat like an hour ago.”

“Uh…” I said sheepishly. “I still have to book my Vegas flight.”


“Um, let me stop my stupid game (Zuma) and do that now…”

So I promptly stopped whatever the heck else I was doing and got my credit card so I could book my flight. And I did.

And then as I was printing my confirmation, I suddenly recalled that I didn’t enter my Rapid Rewards number in when I booked my flight! The whole reason I had to get my laptop was for that damn number! So I started cursing and muttering to myself. Yoshi was already mocking me for my lameness.

Yoshi reminded me that I could call and fix it now or do it when I checked in at the counter. I said, “I’d better just do it now, because I’ll probably forget when I get there.”

So I called the 800# and waited for a nice Southwest agent to help me. While I was holding on the line, I checked my e-mail and saw something from James of Hot Blog and Relish saying something about how I was a “big winner.” But at that moment, I was feeling like a “big loser” because when I told the Southwest agent I had forgotten to enter my Rapid Rewards number and when she looked up my reservation she brightly informed me, “You DID put your Rapid Rewards number in… there it is!” YOU MEAN I *DID* PUT THE NUMBER IN AND THEN THOUGHT I DIDN’T SO CALLED SOME POOR SOUTHWEST AIRLINES AGENT JUST SO THEY COULD TELL ME I DID? Look what I won!


Well after finally having dinner, I returned to my email and found some good news… while I was a loser, I was simultaneously a winner! I won a Hot Blog and Relish Messenger bag! Oooh! Look how fancy schmancy!

I’m a winnner!

Woot! Woot!

I’m gonna be stylin’ with a new messenger bag!!!

Hmmm… look at that, he says that I’m a “weiner…” Oh well, I guess I can’t argue with that…

P.S. – Only 8637 comments as of 3:40pm today!

Bad habits

I’ve developed an annoying habit of saying “okie-dokie” or “okie-doke” instead of just “ok” or “all right.”

I do this at work, too.

No, actually, I do it *especially* at work, which makes it that much more revolting.

Now that I am aware of it, I am trying to stop, but I do say it an awful lot.


P.S. – 10,023 comments… I’ll pass that 10,000 mark soon!

Hello from The Master Despammer

As of 11am today, I am down to 10820 comments. Whoo! I’ll be happy when I make it down below 10K, but I gotta tell ya… THIS SUCKS!

I didn’t have much time to work on despamming last night and I accidentally despammed a few real comments (oops, sorry), but I guess that’s the price for not having 10,000 comments that say “pen!s p!lls,” “gluc0phage,” “pr!nter !nk,” “h g h,” or worse, “r@pe” and/or “!ncest.”

Oh yeah, although I didn’t have the lovely ProfessorEric to show off on my arm last night, I did successfully make it to that soiree that I mistakenly tried to attend last month. On the right day & time and everything. Go me! *curtsies*

P.S. – You CAN leave comments if you click on the permalink (the time stamp or the “link it”) for the entry instead of “urp.” But they still won’t show up right away because I have to approve them.

Still doing maintanence, but I thought I’d put this up as I continue to despam

Because my blog was down yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to blog about the bullshit law China passed yesterday declaring the use of force against Taiwan if it declared independence. Who doesn’t love a world bully, eh?

What else? Before we took the site down yesterday, I started out with over 22,000 comments (I estimate maybe 60% of these are comment spams) and as of 1:45pm today, I have cleared about 10,000 comment spams, most of which hit my site between March 1 and yesterday. That was only 2 weeks, yo. Anyway, the comment count is now 11,707 & dwindling.

Ok, so there will be freaky deaky stuff happening here. For instance, right now you can’t make/read comments. Sorry. But hopefully it will make for a better blog reading experience for you in the future. :)

Broken blog!

Please excuse us as we try to fix this piece of …

Yay for MT 3.15

Well, that “yay” is really more of a “we’ll see,” really.

But the good news is I have a MT Blacklist that is is working (for now). Of course in the course of attempting to despam last night, I got hit hard by another set of spammers and my database crashed. And when I woke up this morning, I only had 6 less comment spams than when I started (despite the fact that I’d cleared out several hundred last night).

Nonetheless, thanks to Michael for the upgrade and installation of the Blacklist.

Here’s hoping my blog won’t be broken as much due to evil spammers.

P.S. – If your comment doesn’t show up right away, it’s because I now have to approve comments before they do. Sorry. Believe me, I don’t want to have to do it either.

I just sneezed so hard I hurt my head

There is a bad, throbbing pain in the back of my head.

I think when I sneezed, it loosened something back there.

Help me! (aka – Nightmare job assignment)

So I got a FUN little assignment at work last week that I don’t think I can do. Now, I’m usually one of those “go-getters” who can pretty much handle any task I’m handed, but I’m slightly stumped on this one.

That’s why I’m turning to my handy dandy blog, which has helped me out of a pickle or two from time to time.

So last week, Bossguy said to me, “Why don’t you see if IT can help you to get the data off this and put it on something like a CD or a DVD for me? Thanks.”

THIS is what he handed me.

Click for a closer look at this paleontologic marvel!

What the heck is this thing?!?

I affectionately call this thing the “Dinosaur Disk.” The best that I can surmise is that this thing is a 5.25″ Removable Cartridge (Tape?).

Look how it has “88 MB” emblazoned so largely across the front! WOW! 88MB! In that last photo, there is a copyright date 1989-1991, which dates back to roughly the time that I was in junior high. Eek.

So it won’t surprise you that no one in IT even knows what this thing is, much less have any device that we can put it in. And even if we could get the data off this thing and burn it onto a CD, I would feel like I’m wasting a CD for only burning (up to) 88 MB onto it!

So, seriously, this is a real assignment I got at work. This is what I get for being so goshdarned “tech-saavy.” I seriously need to retrieve whatever data is on this thing and deliver it to Bossguy on a CD by the end of this week.

Can anyone help me?!

P.S. – My IT guy told me that I could purchase one of these for $200+ and “probably” be able to use the cartridge. Um, I think not.


Could’ve been all the cleaning.

Or the crazy lady who yelled at me today.

Or maybe just cuz I’ve been up all freakin day and haven’t rested for a second.

All hail Thai Elvis.

Richard Simmons talks to Joz!

Remember a few months ago I got a call from Richard Simmons on the phone, courtesy of SporkGirl?

Well, Sporkie got the photos from her disposable camera developed and here are the pictures of her with Richard, as well as a picture of Richard using Sporkie’s Sidekick to talk to me on the phone. (Yes, it really did happen!)

Thanks for getting me in on the fun, Sporkie!

Richard Simmons talks to Joz!

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