Daily Archive for January 27th, 2005

I interrupt dinner preparation to bring you this…

click to embiggen... if you dare!

(aka – THAT’S why our kitchen has been smelling funky lately)

Sorry, Hunny… no rice tonight!

UPDATE: If you’re wondering what exactly that is, that USED to be rice from our rice cooker! At least three different colors of mold, with multiple textures! We can’t even REMEMBER the last time we made rice in that thing & I only found it tonight because I was going to make rice for dinner. We usually keep the rice cooker EMPTY & on the counter in the corner of the kitchen. (Contrary to popular belief, this was NOT something that had been living in the fridge.)

When I took the lid off, I honestly thought I was going to throw up right inside it, making it 1000 times more disgusting. Instead I fled the room, got my camera, returned while holding my breath to take the picture, and then blogged about it. That made the initial wave of nausea go away long enough to think up a disposal plan.

I decided to take the rice pot outside to the dumpster with a pair of disposable chopsticks and I dug it out until I heard it THUD! against the bottom of the dumpster.

You only had to see a picture. I had to smell it & handle it. Blaaaargh!



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