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courting your opinions

about music downloading. i’m willing to pay for music downloads because of quality issues, and the fact that i don’t like knowingly installing spyware on my computer.

anyway, which is better, iTunes or napster?


Run Your Car off of Used Vegetable Oil!

Run Your Car off of Used Vegetable!

For real! Shameless family plug time� So, yes, I disappeared for a bit. I was doing another retched film festival. But I am back, and my cousin David is in town doing a lecture on converting your car to guzzle french-fry oil instead of evil fossil fuel� Below Please find the flyer. Below that look for more of my ramblings� If you think of anywhere appropriate to repost this please do so�
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Dear Joz…

Joz!- I am back from the Palm Desert now! I will call you in a few hours and talk your ear off. I have missed you more then the desert misses the rain. No wait let me recant that. There was plenty of rain in the desert when I was there, and let me tell you the desert was not too happy about it. There were floods. Like the flood of despair that has filled my heart with the absence of you in my life. There we go, an apt analogy. There we go. I love you honey child. And I miss all of the blogger friends. I am back now. Hooray! -professoreric


Grrr to the spammers!

Did you come to the site and find nothing? You can thank the spammers for that.

From the folks who brought us free iPods

Get your free MiniMac (use my referral, please!)!


Get your free iPodShuffle!

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What if you really want a Free PhotoiPod?

When I’ve gotten enough referrals, I will change this link so someone else can get referrals for their free MiniMac/iPodShuffle/iPod!

UPDATE: There are already 4 people who signed up under my referral for the Free iPodShuffle… as promised, I’m changing the referral link to someone else’s… Orbicon’s.

(Originally published 1/15/04)

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