Daily Archive for January 13th, 2005

It wasn’t all horrible.

I can’t believe I’ve spent almost a week blogging about stuff that happened on one day, but after all the car problems & finding out about Teresita, I had more Monday ahead of me.

I had gotten tickets for that day’s taping of the Ellen DeGeneres Show a while ago & had hoped that I could attend with a bunch of my friends, including Lisa (whom I have yet to meet outside of cyberspace). It turned out that Lisa was unable to make it since her grandmother passed away the week before. Though I was sad that I wouldn’t get to meet Lisa, I was ever sadder that she had to go through such a horrible loss.

I was actually standing in line for the Ellen show when I got the horrible news about Teresita. I was very grateful that my good friend MC was already on her way (through the rain & horrible road conditions) to come join me in line. I was in shock from my call with Dan & I kept trying not to think about what had happened because I was crying in line for the Ellen Show. I tried to focus my mind on other things, because I kept thinking that maybe if I didn’t acknowledge that Teresita had passed, maybe it didn’t really happen.

MC did a great job of keeping my mind off of Teresita and keeping me “in the moment.” Being there with MC was awesome because we goofed around, danced, and generally had a ball. MC has a really awesome voice & actually knew the words to all the songs, so she sang loudly as I created new moves to the jozjozjoz dance which included the “chipmunk,” the “rabbit,” and the “dance so you don’t take up too much space dance.” (No, video of these dances is NOT forthcoming.) Seeing the Ellen show was probably the best way I could’ve spent that evening. I am sure if I was at home, I’d have just cried until my eyes fell out.

I put the whole horrible day in the back of my mind and decided to have fun at the show. MC and I were placed in the middle of the very last row (fine by me; I wasn’t thrilled about the prospect of getting camera time since I’d been crying an hour prior and my makeup was smeared). Being in the back row was also great because we could dance around and be silly & not worry about being made to look like idiots on national TV. So that’s what we did. We sang and danced and made everyone around us laugh (at us?). And guess what?

My ridiculous dancing got me an “I danced with ellen” t-shirt!

The episode that was taped that evening is the episode that airs tomorrow (Friday, 1/14/05) with Michael Keaton, Oliver Platt, and John Legend. I have to say that it is much more fun to dance at the Ellen show (as opposed to a club) because Tony plays the best music & because the set is much cleaner & nicer looking than any dance club. And there are less drunk people, too.

So even though the reality of Teresita’s passing ended up sinking in later that night, I am very grateful for MC and the Ellen show for helping wrap up my terrible day on a much better note.

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