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Is this proof that my car is evil? (Part I)

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(Warning: Long post ahead!)

I should’ve known better than to get into my car when that’s what it said to me this morning.

This entire saga actually began last week when I realized that my car registration is up for renewal & the deadline is 11/16 and that I needed to get a smog check before I could get my tags. What was to be a routine trip to the car place for an oil change and a smog check has turned into an ordeal that is going to cost me many hundreds of dollars that I wasn’t prepared to spend.

I found out after spending three hours sitting in the cold car repair shop waiting for my smog check that my car was going to fail the smog check because the check engine light was on. Well, my check engine light has been on for several months and I didn’t worry about it because my dad had taken my car to the shop for repairs and they “fixed” a broken sensor and then *insisted* that there was nothing wrong with my car and not to worry if the Check Engine light came on again. As long as I took my car in for regular oil changes/maintenance check-ups, my car should be fine.

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