Daily Archive for January 9th, 2005

Maybe THIS is what was so unbelievable…

Thanks to your votes, I’m gaining in the polls for Best Overall Blog in the 2004 Best of Blog Awards!

I’m still quite a bit behind of the leaders but jozjozjoz has made an incredible leap from seventh place to fifth place! ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE!

Rooben the Roomba thanks you for your votes! (Thanks for the Roomba Moniker, Mikey2!)

As of Sun Jan 9 22:15:01 PST 2005
Best Overall Blog

Geese Aplenty 20.46% (490 votes)
Michele Agnew 17.24% (413 votes)
The Mommy Blog 15.03% (360 votes)
NiteOwl 11.77% (282 votes)
Joz Joz Joz 9.19% (220 votes)
Witt and Wisdom 8.06% (193 votes)
Ordinary Morning 7.60% (182 votes)
Filegirl 5.26% (126 votes)
Psychobabble 3.26% (78 votes)
The Metal Communiques 2.13% (51 votes)

Don’t forget, you can vote for me here every 24 hours from now through January 17!

I can’t believe it either!

They’re back!

Those guys are screaming and cursing in our basement again!


One of the guys just started banging metal shit around down there and screaming at the top of his lungs:




I don’t know what the hell kind of “heating professionals” this profane pair are, but if I stay in this room any longer, I’m afraid my vocabulary is going to degenerate down to a string of four letter words.

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