Daily Archive for January 7th, 2005

Ode to the Roomba

I once met a ‘bot named Roomba:
O’er here and there it went zoom-ba!
I watched it zig and a-zag,
Suck up all but the shag;
And it made my heart go boom-ba!

Yesterday, I bonded with our new Roomba Discovery which Yoshi’s mom got us for the holidays. A Roomba!

Yoshi had actually set it up a couple of nights ago & started it on a cycle, but I was kind of afraid of it at the time. I kept running away from it, even though I was trying to take a picture of it. (I wonder why all those pictures came out blurry?) Anyway, yesterday was Joz & Roomba Bonding Day™ and I played with that thing for like two hours & I’m no longer afraid of it. I dare say I am swooning over it. Hey, I just wrote poetry about the Roomba; that’s gotta count for something!

We had toyed with the idea of returning the Roomba since it was a very extravagant gift that we didn’t really need, but that little sucker picked up a whole lot of dust that I didn’t know we had. Plus it’s already kind of dented from when I was controlling the Roomba with the remote and it crashed into a few things kind of hard.

I think our Roomba needs a name. Any suggestions?

P.S. – The Roomba told me that it would make it really happy if you would vote for jozjozjoz for Best Overall Blog in the Best of Blogs Awards!*

*May not be an accurate translation of what Roomba was saying. jozjozjoz is not exactly fluent in what Roomba says.

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