One bad burrito beggar…

Perhaps you may have wondered why I haven’t blogged about how horrible the tsunami in South Asia/Africa was. Or about how much people need relief. Or about how sad I am that such a terrible loss of life has & continues to occur.

The truth is, the news and footage of the tsunami aftermath distresses me greatly and I wonder what I can do from here to help those who need it. I chose not to blog about it all sooner because I was still trying to wrap my mind around it all… but I don’t think that I ever can.

That being said, I think it’s rotten that people have critcized good people like Chris & Ponzi (see cowardly comment here) for “not blogging about the tsunami sooner” or for “blogging about frivolous subjects when so many people are dying.” I can’t speak for either of them, but I know for myself, I blog on my own timetable.

And just because I don’t blog about it as soon as others might deem it should be doesn’t mean that I am not thinking/feeling about it.

And just because I didn’t put links up about where to donate to tsunami victims doesn’t mean that I don’t think that you should, or that I haven’t.

Believe it or not, there is more to my life than my blog.

That being said, I had the tsunami on my mind last night as I was driving home from work. Knowing that Yoshi was having dinner elsewhere, I thought that I’d make it easy on myself by having some Taco Hell for dinner, instead of trying to figure out how to make dinner with the random stuff in our fridge. No, it was not a healthy choice, but that’s what I did.

Anyway, as I drove into the line at the Taco Bell drive-thru, I saw a older, African American man panhandling his way down the line of cars. Usually, I don’t give money to beggars because I know from working firsthand with homeless folks that money often goes toward unhealthy things like cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs. But it was an especially chilly L.A. night (40s) and I was feeling like if I couldn’t do more for the tsunami victims, maybe I could do a little more for the people in need around here.

Except for a parking token for the lot at the gym, I didn’t have any coins or change, so when he came up to my car, I flashed him my plastic and told him, “Sorry, I only have plastic.” He told me that I didn’t have to apologize & walked off to the next car in line. When I pulled up to the speaker, the guy had circled back from the end of the line. I asked him if I could buy him something to eat, and he said, “Yeah!”

“What do you want?” I asked him, proving that beggars CAN indeed sometimes be choosers.

“A burrito would be nice,” he answered, as he signalled that he’d wait for me at the other side of the drive-thru.

I ordered him a couple of burritos along with my meal and I paid for it with my credit card. Of course, the folks at Taco Hell screwed up my order, but I didn’t realize that when I got home. Anyway, I got to the end of the drive-thru where the guy was waiting anxiously for his burrito.

When I surprised him with two, he thanked me profusely, sprinkled in some “God Bless You”s and took the burritos for my hand.

I told him, “Stay warm tonight, ok?”

He went and ruined this happy story by saying, “I would if I were sleeping next to you in bed.”

Yuck. What the hell?!

I laughed it off, rolled up my window & drove away, but I was more than a little creeped out. Instead of a warm, fuzzy feeling for knowing that I fed someone for a night, I felt icky and wanted to take a shower to wash the scum off of me.

Maybe this is why I don’t like it when strangers talk to me.

I mean, I know I’m a weirdo magnet, but I really wish that I could’ve ended the story differently.

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13 Responses to “One bad burrito beggar…”

  • ah. should i find him and kick his ass? cuz that’s so inappropriate, especially after you were so nice to him. eew.

  • Ew, that sucks – nice gesture, though. Way to go!

  • It was just a clumsy way to end the conversation. I bet he was genuinely grateful, and what you did was a very good thing.

  • we are definitely twins. I have this happen A lot with the homeless around here. I so know how you feel. *hugs*

  • Great post and very cool you did that. I have to admit that I haven’t blogged about it b/c I’m not sure there’s more to say, you know? Also, I am a tad frustrated that there are still a lot of people here who could use help and charity donations, like the American Cancer Society or the Salvation Army.

  • Wow. Well, I’m still glad you bought him burritos, even if he wanted to be freaky. Also, I think it’s ridiculous that anyone would critisize someone for not writing about the tsunami. High-horse syndrome, I guess.

  • Are all dissenting (sp) opinions cowardly? And if so, why? I read the posts made about P & C not mentioning the Tsunami Disaster, and I didn’t find them cowardly or rotten. Maybe the poster(s) just had something to say in regards to the bloggers bitching/purring about Mc Desperate’s/cashmere at such a dreadful time? Didn’t your parents or friends ever say to you, (when you were complaining about something that wasn’t a matter of life or death): *Quit yer bitchin’! You could be starving in Bangladesh!*? Jesus, ease down there, JozJozJoz!

    I enjoy reading blogs as a guilty pleasure, sort of like listening to ABBA or eating KFC extra-crispy. Most weblogs are totally inane/insipid, but are fascinating to read, if not just for the simple fact that the bloggers themselves think they are fascinating enough to read about. That’s all.

  • No, dissenting opinions aren’t cowardly.

    ANONYMOUS dissenting opinions are.

  • Did that commenter up there just name him/herself high *hoeser* ?


  • Well at least you were nice to give away those burritos.Too bad dude had to screw it up for you.

  • LOL! These things happen in a city. Glad you blogged about it.

    I say, let the homesless guy have his fantasies. You helped him out, and while he shouldn’t have said it, you made his day ;)

  • It should make you think about all of the tsunami survivors that are being abused right now. Hard to believe, yet also easy to believe – and that’s what makes it suck most.

    news . bbc . co . uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/4145591.stm

    Link above ‘spliced’ so that it didn’t get banned as ‘questionable content’.

  • let’s all pretend homeless guy was just trying to be witty. you gave him fast food, he gave you fast words. oh, post what you want to post. i thought about posting about the tsunami, but i figure i can help out in other ways. those who criticize other people’s blogs about what they post should start their own. off to vote…

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