Daily Archive for January 4th, 2005

Pumpkin time is now (not midnight)

I’ve been home for about 2 and a half hours and pumpkin time is setting in.

We’ve unloaded the car, unpacked the bags and are on the second load of laundry.

I’m glad we made it back safely, but coming down from that vacation high is quite the bummer.

And I’m behind in the polls

Poppin’ in!

So I was up bright and not-so-early for the complimentary continental breakfast that comes with the room at our hotel.

Now that we’re checking out, I don’t mind saying that we stayed at The Montecito Inn. I’m sitting in the lobby because it’s the only place that I get a wi-fi connection.

We’re going to putz around Santa Barbara for a few hours and then head back on the road to L.A. The sky is completely clear and sunny for the first time in weeks… too bad we’ve got to be back to “pumpkin time” (real life) tonight because this trip has been a blast!

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