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Blogging from Santa Barbara

Yoshi and I left the Bay Area/Silicon Valley and after having a big breakfast with Yoshi’s dad (Yoshi’s mom couldn’t join b/c she wasn’t feeling well), we swung by the Gilroy outlets and headed down the 101 where we ended up in a very nice hotel in the Montecito area. The drive was scenic and nice, with only a tiny bit of rain the whole way down. Up until this point, Yoshi had done all the driving, which was probably close to 1000 miles since last Thursday. I didn’t mind driving except I got “reprimanded” a few times for not paying attention to the speed limit. This was the first time we’ve driven this route back down from up north together.

It turns out that it is a good thing we didn’t drive down the 5 and through the Grapevine since it’s been snowing and the 5 has been closed all day and will continue to be closed through the night. Also, I don’t think I would’ve been allowed to drive the 5 since there was that whole snow/black ice conversation (Yoshi’s version of what happened) last year.

Dinner was at The Brewhouse (reviews here). I had the yummy prime rib, Yoshi had a half rack of ribs. I don’t order prime rib very often because if it’s not good, it’s not worth eating, but I’m happy to report that this was the best prime rib I’ve had in a long time. We split a creme brulee for dessert.

As we headed back to the hotel, I saw the sky flash as the lightning & thunder rolled in… we got doused heavily as we were walking to our car. Thank goodness we were protected from the rain when we pulled into the valet driveway.

The only complaint I have about our hotel is that their wireless network doesn’t reach our room! We are sitting in the lobby area (I’m in my sweats with my hoodie up, resembling the Unabomber) and Yoshi is playing with the iPAQ, waiting for me to be done blogging.

Since Yoshi has patiently waited for a chance to check email, I’m going to stop blogging, go vote for myself again, and then let Yoshi at the laptop.

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