Daily Archive for January 2nd, 2005

More mobloggin’ from up north

After I blogged last, we decided that we’d explore the Metreon before we headed back to San Jose.

Now I’m hanging out on the living room couch at yoshi’s dad’s place as they try to hook up the HDTV-ready cable box to the new TV he got for Xmas.


You know what would be better than free wi-fi?

If free wi-fi came with some free foot massages, too.

I’m sitting in the Metreon in SF and I’m having a bite to eat in the food court area. The last time we were here was (almost?) exactly 1 year ago when we met our friend here for dinner after a long day of shopping.

Today we spent a couple of hours at the flagship Old Navy store and I hen another big chunk of time avoiding the rain by Shopping at The Container Store.

Now that we’ve both eaten, I wonder what will do next.

It’s an honor just to be nominated…

So far, my 2005 hasn’t been going too poorly.

Even though I didn’t even have the champagne that was part of our room package, our first meal of 2005 was a “hangover breakfast” downstairs in the lounge of the hotel… a couple of slices of cold pizza and bloody marys. Yeah, it sounds kind of gross but I was hungry and it came with the room. We were supposed to leave the room to get our food when I blogged last, and that is Yoshi was telling me that I suck (because I was blogging instead going downstairs for food).

Anyway, that was just the beginning of a long day which included a lot more food (Japanese Oseki Ryori) at two different places, hugging and wishing a whole lot of people Happy New Year, and more than 300 miles of driving for Yoshi.

jozjozjoz.com is a finalist for Best Overall Blog in the Best of Blogs (BoB) 2004 Awards!Anyway, we’re back in San Jose and it is definitely time for bed, but it was a thrilling surprise to find out that my blog is a finalist in the Best Overall Blog category in the Best of Blogs (BoB) 2004 Awards.

I’m in shock and awe, especially since this category includes some extremely fine blogs. If I get time in the morning, I’m going to check out as many blogs in as many categories as I can so I can vote in all the categories as I can!

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