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ah, brand spankin new and sparkly clean!!!!

Rice_Cooker.jpgthis is our new rice cooker. it’s a very small picture, and believe me, you don’t want to see the pictures i tried to take of the box. blurry or completely whited out by the flash. i’m so talented, you see…

i’ll let jozjozjoz fill you in on the details.

Attention everyone!

We have a new rice cooker in the house!

Story at 11 later…


But is that yawn because I’m tired or bored or something else?

Ok, ok…

I totally got outvoted on the rice cooker.

We’re gonna get a new one.

(Yoshi has to pay for it, though.) :P

Should we get a new rice cooker?

This one is probably more than 15 years old (given to me by my aunt. It was the first rice cooker she bought when she got her own place after moving to this country), but it is useable and the perfect size.

But then again, you saw what happened to the pot.

Yoshi is insisting we buy a new rice cooker, but I think we can clean it thoroughly & be fine.

What do you think?

I interrupt dinner preparation to bring you this…

click to embiggen... if you dare!

(aka – THAT’S why our kitchen has been smelling funky lately)

Sorry, Hunny… no rice tonight!

UPDATE: If you’re wondering what exactly that is, that USED to be rice from our rice cooker! At least three different colors of mold, with multiple textures! We can’t even REMEMBER the last time we made rice in that thing & I only found it tonight because I was going to make rice for dinner. We usually keep the rice cooker EMPTY & on the counter in the corner of the kitchen. (Contrary to popular belief, this was NOT something that had been living in the fridge.)

When I took the lid off, I honestly thought I was going to throw up right inside it, making it 1000 times more disgusting. Instead I fled the room, got my camera, returned while holding my breath to take the picture, and then blogged about it. That made the initial wave of nausea go away long enough to think up a disposal plan.

I decided to take the rice pot outside to the dumpster with a pair of disposable chopsticks and I dug it out until I heard it THUD! against the bottom of the dumpster.

You only had to see a picture. I had to smell it & handle it. Blaaaargh!



(continue, please…)

courting your opinions

about music downloading. i’m willing to pay for music downloads because of quality issues, and the fact that i don’t like knowingly installing spyware on my computer.

anyway, which is better, iTunes or napster?


Run Your Car off of Used Vegetable Oil!

Run Your Car off of Used Vegetable!

For real! Shameless family plug time� So, yes, I disappeared for a bit. I was doing another retched film festival. But I am back, and my cousin David is in town doing a lecture on converting your car to guzzle french-fry oil instead of evil fossil fuel� Below Please find the flyer. Below that look for more of my ramblings� If you think of anywhere appropriate to repost this please do so�
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Dear Joz…

Joz!- I am back from the Palm Desert now! I will call you in a few hours and talk your ear off. I have missed you more then the desert misses the rain. No wait let me recant that. There was plenty of rain in the desert when I was there, and let me tell you the desert was not too happy about it. There were floods. Like the flood of despair that has filled my heart with the absence of you in my life. There we go, an apt analogy. There we go. I love you honey child. And I miss all of the blogger friends. I am back now. Hooray! -professoreric


Grrr to the spammers!

Did you come to the site and find nothing? You can thank the spammers for that.

From the folks who brought us free iPods

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Get your free iPodShuffle!

Or if you haven’t signed up yet for your Free iPod, go here!

What if you really want a Free PhotoiPod?

When I’ve gotten enough referrals, I will change this link so someone else can get referrals for their free MiniMac/iPodShuffle/iPod!

UPDATE: There are already 4 people who signed up under my referral for the Free iPodShuffle… as promised, I’m changing the referral link to someone else’s… Orbicon’s.

(Originally published 1/15/04)

Call the folks at “24”…

I saw this article in the print version of today’s Daily Variety, but I couldn’t find it online to provide a link. (Nobody sue me for wanting to share this story.)

Phone number has a familiar ring to it
by Josef Adalian

Interactive TV has taken on a whole new meaning for the producers of “24.”

For the past week, thousands of the show’s viewers from around the globe– more than 50,000 at last count– have been able to reach out and talk to producers and actors from the hit Fox drama simply by dialing a phone number in LA’s 310 area code.

Turns out last week’s episode featured a fleeting shot of the caller ID display on a character’s cell phone. But rather than the usual fake 555 number– producers didn’t want to waste time or money building a fake cell phone display– the digits shown were that of an actual phone used by a prop tech who works on “24.”

The number was flashed so quickly, it was impossible to see– unless you happened to be recording the show on tape or on TiVo. Producers figured they might get a couple of calls from curious types, but were left stunned by what happened next.

Within minutes of the show airing on the East Coast, the calls started flooding in, said “24” co-exec producer and helmer Jon Cassar.

“The second people saw it, curiosity got the better of them,” Cassar said.

At first, the prop guy canceled the contract for the cell phone, but Cassar quickly reversed that decision. Nextel, which provides service to the line, agreed to reinstate the line and even started keeping track of how many times people called the number.

“It never stops ringing,” Cassar said, who notes that many people, stunned that a real person is on the line, simply hang up. Producers and cast members have been taking turns answering the calls of those who don’t hang up.

“We’ve nicknamed it the fan phone,” Cassar said. “It’s exciting for us, because we get some feedback from viewers.”

Tha fan phone has been such a hit, Cassar said, he plans on showing another real phone number in the show’s upcoming 10th episode. Those who want to try their luck getting Keifer Sutherland can call (310) 597-3781.

News Corp. bean counters, meanwhile can rest easy. The fan phone’s Nextel contract boasts free incoming calls.

::Kevin:: ::speaking to Joseph Hodges:: ::Rob Bernard:: ::Ith::


I couldn’t hear what you said.

Can you repeat yourself, please?

Dear ProfessorEric…

I miss you.

Dear Sharky…

I miss you.

Emotional Exhaustion

There’s a ton going on in my life at the moment & I don’t want to share about it all in this space.

Yes, I’m still in a funk.

Yes, I’m going to keep saying that I’m fine.

No, you should not worry about me.

But THANK YOU to all my good friends who worry about me and send me positive energy and feedback.

It is not taken for granted and I do appreciate it greatly.

The scene this morning…

jozjozjoz is lying in bed. People are coming over in less than an hour & jozjozjoz still needs to brush her teeth, shower & get dressed.

Yoshi (standing over the bed): Wake up!

jozjozjoz (still lying in bed, pillow over her head): I’m awake!

Yoshi (getting closer): GET UP!

jozjozjoz (not moving): I’m up!

Yoshi (getting louder): Go shower!

jozjozjoz: I’m showering!


Yoshi (not amused): You are none of those things!

Monk Monk Monk!

It’s sitting on the TiVo for us to watch, but is anyone else as excited about the season premiere of Monk as I am?!

An invitation from Pink Poppy…

Hello! I am here on behalf of the membership of The Poppy Club. We appreciate the fabulosity of your blog and congratulate you on your recent success in The Best of Blogs Award competition. We are hosting a party to celebrate you and your fellow finalists and would be honored if you would join us to walk the Red Carpet and greet your fans:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday–January 21-23
The Tall Poppy Diaries
Attire: Black Tie
Red Carpet Opens at 12:01 on Friday, January 21

We hope that you and your friends can join us. And again, please accept our congratulations and best wishes for a very successful and happy 2005.

Wimpy, cross dressing cuttlefish…

I’m not making it up, it’s scientific FACT!

In a funk…

If you’re wondering why I’ve not been posting lately, it’s because I’m kind of in a funk.

I’m fine; it’s just one of those times where I do a lot of thinking and basically retreat for a bit.

But seriously, I’m ok.

Where the chips fell…

I didn’t win, but I did end up a very respectable #4 for Best Overall Blog in the 2004 BoB Awards!… thanks!

Best Overall Blog

Geese Aplenty 21.86% (850 votes)
Michele Agnew 18.18% (707 votes)
The Mommy Blog 13.94% (542 votes)
Joz Joz Joz 12.32% (479 votes)
NiteOwl 10.52% (409 votes)
Filegirl 7.05% (274 votes)
Ordinary Morning 6.17% (240 votes)
Witt and Wisdom 5.84% (227 votes)
Psychobabble 2.65% (103 votes)
The Metal Communiques 1.47% (57 votes)


Too tired to come up with a witty post…

So I’ll just whore for votes for the Best of Blog Awards. (You can vote every 24 hours from now through Monday.)


( a finalist in the Best Overall Blog category!)

P.S. – Vote for my friend Orbicon in the Best LGBT Blog category! Help him keep his third place standing!

For those of you surfing in from BlogExplosion or BlogClicker, your vote would be appreciated!

Happy Friday.

Thank goodness for Fridays and 3 day weekends.

I want to thank Yoshi taking my car and getting it fixed and smogged in record time today. AND it was Yoshi’s day off. And it’s finally taken care of. Thank you.

I also want to thank everyone who left kind wishes about my friend Teresita either by phone, IM, email, or blog comment. Teresita believes in the power of positive energy; I am sure she is touched by the sentiment.

I am grateful for making it through this week. Have a happy weekend!

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