Happy Birthday to Me (and also a one-year-belated thank you for my gifts from last year)

I’ve decided that since it’s my birthday, I’m allowed to be as emotional as I care to be. It’s not even noon and so far I’ve been happy, sad, nostalgic, giddy, pouty, bratty, annoyed, irritated, a little mopey, and hungry (ok, so hunger’s not an emotion).

I woke up early and went through a lifetime of photographs because somewhere in my mess of things, there is a photo from my 6th birthday where my grandfather is holding me tightly. It’s probably one of my favorite photos of all time & I can’t find it. I did, however, find a photo from grandpa’s birthday in 1981 where I am sitting on his lap, which is almost as good. Send me some good photo-finding mojo that I find the image I was actually looking for.

I got a birthday phone call and song (hee hee!) from Yoshi already. My Mom called and yelled happy birthday at me and then got ticked off at me because I supposedly didn’t call her back, again. [I was in the shower when she called and when I called her at the house (at the # she paged me at), I got the broken answering machine. I knew better this time & didn’t waste my breath with a message. But supposedly the phone didn’t even ring, so now I’m thinking there is something wrong with the phone line?] Anyway, Mom has decided to “re-direct” me to visit my Grandma before going home (which I should do anyway) and then meet up with some guy in a “Voy-ahhhj van” who’ll be waiting at the intersection of some major cross-streets in the San Gabriel area to give me a birthday care package from my Dad in Taiwan. She’s going to call me back later with this guy’s phone number so we can complicate this wild goose chase even further coordinate the details.

Anyway, let’s talk about happier stuff… presents! Last year, a number of folks were very generous and sent me some of the best birthday presents ever! Some of my blogging friends who sent gifts were Krixy, Mikey2, Keith, Shelli, Mike Doss, I *promise* (by tomorrow) to do a follow-up post with details of everything you see in that photo above. And then some.

Thanks also to everyone who has phoned, text messaged, emailed, commented, and IMed me birthday wishes. Although if someone would carrier pigeon a message to me, that would rock muchly.

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