Going behind the Orange Curtain.

I found out a couple of nights ago that my Dad had a flight to go back to Taiwan for today.

I decided to play hookie from “real work” and go to The OC so I could see him (and my Mom and Bro) before he had to get on the shuttle bus to LAX. Because of his packed morning schedule, it meant that I had to get out of the door early and get onto the crowded L.A. commuter freeway before 8am. This coincided nicely with SporkGirl’s stay in Anaheim, so I just planned on getting on the road early and hanging out at my parents’ place until Sporkie was ready for me to come by.

Sometime during the 8:00 hour, as I was sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the 5, my Mom called and yelled at me, wondering if I’d hit the road yet (yes, Mom, I’m almost there). It was way too early in the morning for me to get yelled at, and I seriously considered turning my car around and driving until I could get back home, get out of the car, and get back into bed. But I didn’t.

I don’t know when it became such a chore to drive an hour to OC to visit my family, but sometime in the last 10 years, going “home” behind the Orange Curtain seemed roughly the mental equivalent of walking through the gates of hell. (I should’ve also remembered that the weather is roughly equivalent to that of the gates of hell, too. Wearing a long-sleeved shirt and long black pants in 80+ degree weather was not so smart.) I was really excited to see my family (I haven’t visited in weeks, and I really, really have been missing my Mom, Dad, and Bro lately), but once I reached home, I felt my insides cramp up as I realized Dad had stayed up all night packing and that Mom hadn’t gotten very much sleep, either. And they were both stressed about him getting to the shuttle bus in time.

There’s nothing that makes me flash back to the memory of being a 10 year-old kid faster than when my parents start bickering about getting on a plane. Now that Bro & I are old enough to drive, we get stuck sitting in the front seat while Mom & Dad take turns annoying the heck out of each other in the back seat.

When did this happen? When did I turn into the adult that kept the peace while trying to just. freakin. drive. in. a. quiet. car?

Anyway, Dad made it to the shuttle bus (in Rowland Heights) in time and gave me some $$$ so that we could take Mom out for lunch. Of course, this was after my Dad made my Mom run full-speed to the Chinese bakery several stores down so that she could get him some snacks for the bus ride.

Lunch was in a Chinese joint where the lunch specials were $3.95 each and the 3 of us ate until we were ready to burst at the seams… and our bill was only $17.27 before tip!

We decided to check out a nearby Asian supermarket and left with a trunk FULL of groceries for both me and my Mom for under $70!

It’s times like these where the cheap side of me is reminded I should leave L.A. for the suburbs once in a while so I can shop at grocery stores where I can get more than a head of cabbage and 2 bags of soy chips for $70.

If I feel like it later, I’ll post some photos I took of some fun stuff at the supermarket. Bro and I called it “Fear Factor Shopping” because there is always an abundance of gross “food items” in the butcher’s cases (we especially liked the “pig’s uterus” and the many kinds of animal feet and tongue).

As I’m sitting here and writing this, my Mom just came out to check on me because I’m sitting on the floor by the front door, with a fan pointed right at my face. She was wondering who was “blowing air so loudly.” Heh.

Ok, I’m about to FINALLY walk out the door and visit with Sporkie, who has been waiting for roughly two hours for me to show up at the hotel. Eeek. More later…

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5 Responses to “Going behind the Orange Curtain.”

  • I became the adult to my parents when we stopped for ice cream and my mom promptly dropped hers on the seat of my new car.

  • Nothing like a face-to-face encounter with the blood relatives to make you blog a blue streak!

  • I shouldn’t find these stories so amusing, should I.

  • I definitely miss my family. Unfortunately they live 22 hours away from me. I am going to see them in November when I go home for my little sisters “Miss Teen Philippine” Pageant. Woo Hoo.

    Then again, just thinking about my moms never-ending-always-nagging-love-her-to-death-but-she-is-driving-me-INSANE-mouth it makes me get that nervous twitch I just recently got rid of *twitch twitch*

  • stories like this make me realize how much i miss my mom, especially since there’s so much family drama now that she’s gone that i kinda wish things were simpler…

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