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And by the way…

…what the hell happened to September?


Too much to do in one evening.


Note to self…

When someone asks you what you did last night, saying that you made a movie with Thai Elvis may be taken the wrong way.

It’s Thai Elvis FEVER… Oh my!

Thai ElvisTo my friend who had dinner with me tonight at the Palms Thai (aka – The Home of Thai Elvis):

Thank you for the lovely night. Thanks also for accompanying me to the ice box known as Bhankanomthai for some great, how-were-they-not-frozen? Thai desserts.

And of course, wasn’t Thai Elvis WONDERFUL?

Now for those of you who
1) have not been lucky enough to see Thai Elvis in person…
2) are ProfessorEric and can never get enough of Thai Elvis

…I have a treat for you!

Here is the WORLD PREMIERE of a short movie I made tonight:

Thai Elvis FEVER! 12 Seconds of Thai Elvis Glory
Thai Elvis FEVER!  12 Seconds of Thai Elvis Glory

(WMV file, 750 KB, please right-click & save-as)

If you have 28 seconds to watch my movie, let me know what you think. Hee.

Poor Montreal Expos fan(s?)

I’m glad I got to see the Expos play when we were in Montreal. Now they’re headed to DC, another favorite city of mine.

I am sad I did not get to take a picture with the real Youppi, though.

“A reversed ‘Will & Grace’ with a kid,” eh?

Congrats to Melissa Etheridge.

Hope your new show doesn’t suck.
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So on August 4, I wrote and sent a letter to my “friends” at the Los Angeles Parking Violations Bureau contesting the totally bullshit ticket that was supposedly issued to my vehicle way back in June.

If you don’t remember the story, basically, I received a parking ticket in the mail for being illegally parked somewhere I wasn’t… on a day & time where I was at work and parked in my parking space in a private lot. (My workplace is nowhere in the vicinity of where the ticket was issued.)

So I refused to pay the ticket (so no new obscene check was written) and I wrote a letter contesting the ticket, even getting a letter from BossMan to vouch that I was indeed at work on that day & time (and that I always drove myself to work and parked in my own parking space).

So today, I got a reply in the mail from them and I got scared because the envelope was bulging.

They returned my letter, the letter from my boss, and the envelope that these items were mailed in with a note attached at the top which read:

We have received your correspondence regarding the parking ticket issued to your vehicle. Unfortunately, the information you supplied does not indicate the ticket number or vehicle license plate number.

For the record, if you flip to the front page of my letter, the FIRST LINE of text underneath the Parking Violations Bureau address is a line that says “Re: Ticket # 101xxxxxxx”

I’m going to highlight the ticket #, draw stars around it, maybe paste some stickers and post-its around it to show them that I did indeed supply the damn ticket # on my correspondence. If I could send it back to them electronically, I would have made it a flashing, animated marquee, that would scroll slowly across the monitor.

What a freaking waste of time, energy, resources, and postage.

Maybe I can find someone to donate a booger or two I can send back with their stupid letter.

Um… what quake?

Thanks for asking, but I didn’t even know about the quake until Mikey2 & Keith’s comments.

Looks to be a couple hundred miles north to us. But thanks for the heads up, I’m pretty sure this is the part where we need to start hoarding water and canned foods because California will soon shake & break off the edge of the continent to form its own special island. Hee.

The good news is…

my brain is still solidly lodged in my skull.

The bad news is, my head hurts… a lot…

Hmmm, maybe watching that much TV at one shot last night wasn’t such a good idea after all…

Yoshi says that my brain is going to fall out of my head…

…something about “that’s what happens when you come home, sit in front of the TV and watch 5 hours of television.”

Half an hour of Frasier, then two hours of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (yes, I cried watching the Wofford family’s story), 2 hours of the 1994 Jet Li movie Fist of Legend, and another half hour of Frasier. (Check out my links to the TV shows… I linked to the exact episodes I watched… yay me!)

And hey, I can still do math, too… so it can’t be all that bad…

Was I wrong?

I decided not to go to Jillian Barberie’s Surprise Birthday Party last night.

(Funny how I don’t feel like I missed out on anything.)

Look out Beverly Hills plastic surgeons…

… you may have some competition from the new breast enlarging ringtone.

Seen at Niall Kennedy’s blog
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T’was nice to see the “regulars”

Another brunch at Newsroom this morning.

Thanks to Jay Bushman for always picking the date & to Sean, Caryn, and Cybele for showing up.

I’d like one of everything on this page…


Some of the happiest news I received all week… Is Not Closing

Sep 23, 2004 12:00 PM

Dear Sellers:

In our last announcement earlier this summer, we said that would be closing on October 14, 2004. We have decided NOT to go forward with this plan and will keep open indefinitely.
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What does this stand for?


I know the Unknown Dred

Unknown Dred Soda
This past weekend the Unknown Dred gave me a bottle of his soda. I have a bottle sitting proudly on my desk.

Read the story of Unknown Dred Soda here.

One Swell Foop


Because I *heart* Wendell.

I hate being sick.

(Although I don’t know anyone who actually ENJOYS being sick.)

Why can’t I be better already?!

Here’s the part where I cough up a lung

You think anyone would buy it off of eBay?


Refrigerator Art for ProfessorEric & Miss Brookline

In the words of Yoshi at Thai Elvis a few weeks ago…

I'm Asian & I'm Quick!

(In reference as to how Yoshi was able to grab the bill & pay for dinner so fast.)

Happy Birthday, Sarah

Today is my childhood penpal Sarah’s 27th birthday.

If you know of a Sarah from Taunton, MA whose birthday is today, please point her my way.



I feel fine, and you?


If I lost my voice after today…

I shall be very sad.

Oh, and I am really glad I went with Choice #1. It was so much fun!

Sore throat, go away…

Come again: NEVER!

(So it doesn’t rhyme.
But I might try for a dime.)

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