Daily Archive for August 26th, 2004

Still recovering 24 hours later (aka Fun at LAX)

I had had no idea how busy my day was going to be when it started yesterday. Originally, I thought I was going to be in the office all day and then possibly meet up with Peter (to pick up the replacement car remote he kindly ordered on my behalf). But then we figured it was too many logistics to manage because I was also supposed to go pick up my Mom at LAX, so we postponed to another day. Instead, I decided at the last minute to drive down to Long Beach to see Skits & Fran (oh, and Emma, too!), and meet my personality twin Meeta & friends. I didn’t get to stay long, but it was nice to get some face time with everyone.

LAX at night.  Photo by jozjozjoz

I had to leave before going out to dinner because Mom’s flight from Taiwan was supposed to arrive at 8:15pm. If I had known that my mom’s flight was delayed over an hour and a half from arriving, I’d have joined everyone for dinner.
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