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Sending good thoughts for a local legend

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I am very honored to have had the pleasure of working with veteran KTLA newsman Larry McCormick, so I am very upset to learn that Larry had been hospitalized last week and that he currently is in “grave condition,” not expected to survive.

Larry has been ill for a while and had been taking time off of his KTLA duties to recover. But this isn’t the first time that he’s been hospitalized and although there have been scares in the past, Larry has surprised us more than once by fighting his way back.

Not more than a month ago, my former co-worker K said she ran into him at the grocery store and that his spirits seemed up. The last time I spoke with him was approximately 2 weeks ago, after I had sent him a quick note to give him an update on my life. Since I met him, he’s always been thoughtful and kind to me, calling to say “thank you” for the little things. Larry always has an optimistic outlook on things, and said he was anxious to be well enough to return to work soon.

Since I’m not able to call him at home, all I can do is write about it and use as much of my mental energy as possible to send him my most sincere best wishes and love.

Paul “Smeagol” Hamm?

Back to what I was saying yesterday… it turns out he doesn’t even want to share his “precious.”

From the AP:
Stressed Hamm says he deserves lone gold

“Truly in my heart, I believe that I am the Olympic champion. I don’t feel as if I should be giving the medal back or another one should be awarded,” Hamm said Tuesday before heading back to the United States.

There’s nothing greedy about that, is there?

(Thanks to Mikey2 for the LOTR reference. Smeagol/Gollum illustrates it perfectly for me.)

Applaud for me!

Do you believe it?

I threw away TWO pens. They were out of ink and were the cool Pilot retractable gel pens (in 0.5 black and 0.7 blue) and I’ve had them forever.

But I actually threw them away.

(Don’t ask why I keep unusuable pens. I don’t know why, either. It’s just something I do.)

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