Daily Archive for August 23rd, 2004

I’m tired of self-censoring on my own blog

I’m also tired of limiting posts to my own inane experiences.

Even though it’s kind of funny to put “THIS IS NOT GOSSIP” at the end of certain posts, it sucks that I ever have to do so.

Worst of all, all of this has made blogging less fun and exciting for me.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can contact me privately for a few more details… but I can’t really talk about it.

And that sucks, too.

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Do the right thing?

So I’ve been catching bits and pieces of the Summer Olympics in fast-foward (thanks TiVo), as well as reading coverage online.

Yoshi and I had a discussion about Paul Hamm’s unusual situation & what he should & shouldn’t do with the Gold medal. Initially, I was thrilled for him for his success in achieving what seemed to be impossible: climbing back and earning the Gold Medal after falling on his ass and slipping to 12th place & becoming the first American man to win the Men’s Gymnastics Individual All-Around Gold.

But now that it has become patently obvious that Paul Hamm received the Gold in error, I am appalled at his self-proclaimed “anger” and insistance that he is the only one deserving of the Gold.

I guess I’m not the only one. Here’s an interesting editorial by MSNBC sportswriter Mike Celizic: Hamm should give up the gold.

I don’t completely agree that Hamm should give up the Gold, but instead of sounding like a selfish brat, he should think about the spirit of sportsmanship and the Olympic games & remember the the Golden Rule when it comes to that hunk of Gold hanging around his neck.

Sharing the Gold wouldn’t make it any less gold.

A driving tour of the Greater Los Angeles area.

This is a short recount of all the parts of town I’ve been today (in order):

From home to West Hollywood to Beverly Hills to the Hollywood area. Then to LAX to Orange County. And then back to L.A.

Aside from all the traveling on surface streets, I drove on the following freeways: 10, 405, 5, 101, 105, 91, and because I accidentally missed the interchange from the 105 to the 605, alongside the 605.

If I really wanted to, I could have easily also been on the 710, 110, 57, and the 22. But for some strange reason, I wasn’t compelled to take the “scenic route” and traverse every possible freeway I could in one day. Imagine that.

UPDATE: In the light of day, I remembered that I also could’ve taken the 90, but took surface streets instead.

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