Daily Archive for August 19th, 2004

Belated gratitudes…

Thanks to the following folks for thinking of me and Yoshi while on vacation this summer:

Don, who sent me a postcard from the Dominican Republic
Shelli, who sent me a postcard from San Juan Capistrano
ProfessorEric, who sent me a text message when he was in Seattle
and of course, Spork Girl, who has been sending me postcards from all over the country. :)

If I forgot anyone, sorry, my desk is a complete disaster area and may have temporarily lost a few items along the way.

Dear Mr DirecTV Service Man,

I’m sorry you had to come to our house to “fix” a perfectly fine receiver/TiVo unit.

I swear to god it was broken yesterday and the day before (when I made the service call).

I know it’s quite amazing that it began working perfectly fine when you arrived.

Funny, ain’t it?


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