Daily Archive for August 11th, 2004

A sad day in Refrigerator Land

The refrigerator that my Dad and my Mom bought when I was born has finally gone up to appliance heaven.

That thing kept things cool for a long time and after decades of service to my family, it’s going to be taken away when the new fridge is delivered tomorrow. Not only did it store food, but it displayed many of our works of art, and held many notes and messages we left for each other.

I am a little sad about it.

As my Dad pointed out on the phone tonight (yes, I called him), “It held a lot of food.” I thought he meant that it had a fairly large storage capacity, but he clarified by saying, “it held a lot of food and you ate a lot of food.” He continued on, but I was afraid to listen. I suddenly felt like I was the size of a Mac truck shlepping around produce and other refrigerated goodies from place to place.

Then he went on to describe the disgusting, rotten stuff that had gotten stuck in the back of the fridge where no one was tall enough to reach.

Thanks, Dad.

Ugh. I think I’m allergic to something in this house

My nose itches like crazy and I’m going to start raiding the medicine cabinet if this itchiness doesn’t pass.

I’ve already been up for almost two hours, which really sucks because it was two hours of sleep I could have used. Oh well. Maybe my body didn’t need the extra two hours of sleep.

I think I’m going to get a Diet Rockstar this morning, anyway.

I’ve never done the commute from east to west in L.A. during morning rush hour. Wish me luck.

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