Daily Archive for August 3rd, 2004

Ghost of a day…

My morning was dragging, and my shirt inside out when I decided to walk three miles to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for some reflection. It only took me about thirty minutes and the walk was interesting enough that it didn’t drag. I walked over the freeway and traffic was moving nicely, and I thought about how easy it would be to hop onto a slow moving truck and let it take me wherever it was going. But then I remembered that it would most likely take me somewhere in the valley way hotter then here, maybe Sylmar, so I kept walking. The cemetery was quiet and I walked around looking at various people’s expressions of what their loved ones had meant to them, reading epitaphs both generic and very personal. I walked on grave sites and through mausoleums and sat quietly at memorials. I spotted two kids making out behind Cecile B. DeMille. I saw a family adding toys and flowers to a little girls grave. I saw a man sitting by his late mother thinking. I walked on grass and on gravel paths and sidewalks and mud. I watch men in uniform shoot into the air to mourn a fallen friend. I saw the withering impatiens by the gift shop and the roses and tulip just placed in vases on various plots. As I left a woman in a vibrant blue dress looked toward the sky and wiped the sweat and tears from her face and then, while Taps played on nearby trumpets, she disappear behind the willows. On my way back home the traffic on the 101 was at a stand still and hopping on a truck’s roof would have been really easy, but pointless since they were stagnant. I bought some bread at the Armenian bakery for a buck and when in my house made a peanut butter and fluff sandwich and ate it while petting the cat and watching bad T.V. for a few before buckling down for some work. Today seems a little bit heavy, I am not sure why, it is good though. And my shirt is still inside out, and I am totally ok with that. -professoreric

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