Daily Archive for July 31st, 2004

In typical Joz fashion…

… I ended up staying up another hour last night, getting a grand total of 1 hour of “sleep” before hitting the road.

When the alarm went off at 4:45am, I actually still felt pretty wide-awake and since Yoshi was in no condition to drive, I ended up making the entire 5 hour drive up north.

We departed at 5:07am and it took us almost exactly 5 hours to arrive, but that was including one gas/potty break and also a brief stop at a gas station when I had to kill a spider in the car. For the record, I was driving (near the Grapevine) and I saw a small spider crawling down the front windshield. Seeing that the wipers didn’t rid of it, I realized it was INSIDE the car and I got an instant case of the heebie-jeebies. I could have sworn I felt the windshield spider (or one of its cohorts) crawling up my leg, up my arm, and into my shirt.

I began to freak out and woke up a very sleepy and groggy Yoshi, who did not see it and probably thought I was going to drive off the road out of sheer panic over an imaginary spider. When I safely got off the freeway and into a rest stop, I opened the door, jumped out and danced around making sure any spiders (real or imagined) would fall off. Then I tried (unsuccessfully) to find and kill the real spider, which by now had hidden itself in the crack between the dashboard and windshield. I threatened to stay in the rest stop to kill the spider before continuing the drive, but I could tell that Yoshi was ready to unleash an entire colony of spiders (ok, I know spiders don’t live in colonies, but you get my point) on my head if I didn’t just buck up and keep driving.

So I did. An the instant the car went into motion, the spider showed its creepy little self back on the windshield. I pulled over, but my fingers were too big to get to it. I grabbed a napkin and a pen in a valiant effort to kill it so I could keep driving… but it went back into hiding and I never saw it again.

Of course, I’m sure that didn’t stop it from sending me its evil little spider voodoo because I was itchy for the rest of the trip up. Damn arachnid.

For the record, I would have gotten us up faster than five hours (regardless of the spider delay) but there was traffic due to several oversized trucks carrying giant boats up the 2 laned interstate highway. And we could’ve saved even more time if the gas/potty break didn’t also include a stop at the mini-mart to buy a can of Sugar Free Red Bull (they don’t sell Diet Rockstar) and a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper (wasn’t in the mood for Diet Coke).

My inner speed demon was good this morning. And I know there was no black ice to worry about.

Why do I do this to myself?

In approximately 2.5 hours, Yoshi and I are supposed to walk out the door and depart on a road trip up north to attend a wedding.

Have I mentioned that I still haven’t slept yet and have a TON of stuff to do before leaving for the weekend?

This is almost as bad as the (approx) 36 continuous hours I stayed up the days before we got on the plane to Montreal.

I’m actually almost too embarrassed to blog this (aka Joz Smokes Pot)

I figured I should just blog it now before someone else heard the story and exaggerated it and somehow it became THE GOSSIP OF THE YEAR!!!

Earlier today, I decided I needed to boil some water so I put a small pot of water on the still fairly new and clean stove. And then the phone rang and I got caught up in a series of various phone calls back at my desk in the other room.

Around 45 minutes later, as I’m just starting a phone call with someone else, I smell a horrendous chemical-like burning smell. I THOUGHT it was coming into our house through my office window, but in actuality, it was coming from the other room… our kitchen.

EEEK!!! I ran back into to the kitchen to see smoke coming off the VERY VERY VERY HOT pot, turned the stove off, grabbed a potholder, and dunked the pot into some water in the sink. It was STINK-Y. I thought I was going to gag and pass out from the toxic smell of burning pot (that’s pot as in pots and pans, not marijuana pot, which incidentally, I am allergic to and would also probably make me pass out).

I opened all the windows and turned on all the fans, hoping the disgusting burning pot smell would go away. Actually, I left the house to run errands for an hour or so.

But the smell was still there (not as severe) when I got home. And I had guests coming over. Luckily, by that time, it was just a lingering odor that you could kind of get used to, but I could still smell it pretty strongly. I figured out hours later this was because the smell had been completely absorbed by my hair. Ick.

I told T the story of what had happened, and she was very sympathetic because she claimed that she once had a similar episode with a spatula on a frying pan. She even stood up for me when we were at a party later in the night and Yoshi was trying to figure out what my “kitchen mishap” was.

Yoshi kept saying: “You burned WATER?! How could you burn WATER?” and T stood up for me and said, “She didn’t burn water. Water evaporates. She burned the pot.” Yeah! Besides, except for the stink and the messed up pot, no one got hurt and nothing burned down.

Regardless, I never thought it was possible to screw up boiling water.

But I must be extremely talented.

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