Tell me a story…

…nothing scary or gory, please.


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11 Responses to “Tell me a story…”

  • Okay but just one and then you have to go to bed……..Oops, I was having a flashback there.

  • I got kicked out of an autograph line at Comic-Con this past weekend. ^_^

  • Story’s on my site. It’s short…but then, so am I.

  • This is the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Once upon a time, there were three bears who lived in the woods: a papa bear, a mama bear, and a little baby bear…

    (You asks that question of a father with a 3-year-old and a 10-month-old, you takes your chances…)

  • Can I tuck you in after?

  • …and yoshi ripped off joz’s tight bodice and…

    oh, sorry, wrong story…

  • I have been updating my about me page full of stories does that count?

    They met, they struggled with liking each other, many adventures that took place in one evening…lived happily ever after.

  • One day, isang araw, I saw, nakakita, one bird, isang ibon, flying, lumilipad. I shoot, binaril ko, I kook, niluto ko, I eat, kinain ko…

  • Once upon a time, my jozjozjoz suddenly disappeared! Then I realized it was weirdly formatted to display as only one word per line!
    Alas, it had become impossible to read.
    What the…?
    Please advise.

  • here is a small sample from the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. hope it meets your story need.

    Her breath came in short, urgent gasps as beads of sweat slowly coalesced and slipped hesitantly over her lightly-tanned skin, leaving glistening trails down a cleavage that was both feminine and primal while her wide eyes betrayed a mind still struggling to accept that her physical ordeal was over and that she had, in fact, caught the bus. -Ben Connelly

    more at

  • Just returned from Vegas and after I left I felt I had visited Disney Land. How’s that for a short story

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