My camera loved the streets in Old Montreal.

I guess my camera loved the streets in Old Montreal so much that it flung itself against the cobblestone ones by the water.

Really, that’s exactly what happened.

Ok, maybe I might have accidentally dropped my camera HARD on the cobblestone streets. And maybe the dent in the side of the camera could have been because of the HARD fall. And just because my camera cover doesn’t close right now DOESN’T mean that I broke it when I might have accidentally dropped it.


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5 Responses to “My camera loved the streets in Old Montreal.”

  • I say…Blame Canada! Or if it happens to be a Kodick cam….you def should blame them, cuz mine likes to fling instelf into the strangest of places.

  • Sniff, boo hoo — I understand your pain, all too well… Hope your camera undergoes a miraculous recovery, very soon.

  • Sorry to hear it. I will shut up about wanting to see pix now. I know how I felt when my second cousin (age 14) got sand in my new digital Fuji.

  • The streets in Montreal have been known to… uh… have weird gravity spikes. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the ticket.

  • Blame me! I’m so sorry we couldn’t meet up. When you called and left me a message, I was cat-sitting two blocks over. Poop. Sorry about the camera, too. Of course you didn’t know that Old Montreal is built over the first Catholic cemetery (sp?) in North America.

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