Stupid survey questions

I received a survey about toothpaste in the mail and here is a sampling of some of the stupid questions that are asked. Even scarier are the answer options they give…

1) Please think about the last time you, yourself used toothpaste. Please “X” the last time you, yourself used toothpaste.
Choices: Today, Yesterday, 2 days ago, 3 days ago, 4 days ago, 5 days ago, 6+ days ago, Never.

If you don’t answer “today,” please don’t speak to me. Ever.

The survey then goes on to say:

Think about the last time you used toothpaste. This will be called your KEY TOOTHPASTE SITUATION. We will be asking you a number of questions about your KEY TOOTHPASTE SITUATION in this questionnaire.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have enough “situations” with toothpaste to have a “KEY TOOTHPASTE SITUATION” (all caps). I use toothpaste several times a day to maintain decent oral hygiene. It is so much a part of my day that I don’t even think about it.

Unfortunately, I know that this isn’t the case for some people, but really, should one’s experiences with toothpaste be so rare that you can have and remember toothpaste situations at all?

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12 Responses to “Stupid survey questions”

  • LOL
    ‘key toothpaste situation’? wow, that’s just… disturbing. it just makes me wonder- if there are people who exist that don’t use toothpaste in north america (homeless people etc. are exempt, of course), what the hell are they using??? and who doesn’t brush at least a couple of times per day? weird. and way too funny.

  • hate to be a jerk… but this reminds me of the time when i used to live in dorms (yeah, good old time)… and “people” used to use toothpaste in ways other than what it is supposed to be. this one time i lended my toothpaste to a dude who lived on the same floor as me and when i got the tube back it was empty… and i had just bought a new tube… so i asked the guy what did u do with it dude, it was full tube… and he was like… umm… well… pamela anderson was looking hot in that tv show and i was out of soap!!!!!!

  • so now i am wondering how the key toothpaste situation would be for some people

  • i’ve heard of people using toothpaste as cheap spackle in the dorms, but this is the first (and hopefully last) time i’ve ever heard of it being used as …ick.

    i hope it was one of those toothpastes that aren’t super minty–just the thought alone is making me cringe in pain!


  • Other than the usual 2 or 3 times a day toothpaste situation, I’ve only got one other toothpaste related situation worth mentioning.
    In which I bought the whitening toothpaste, and over the course of 3 days had the worst allergic reaction to it ever. It made me so itchy and raw, so i brushed more hoping to make the itch go away, which just made it worse. Then I stopped using it and was fine immediately.

  • I am so grossed out my umar’s story about his dorm mate’s “KEY TOOTHPASTE SITUATION” I want to yak right here on my keyboard.


  • sorry joz… i can only imagine how you feel… i did not dare to touch that toothpaste for a month… and even then i had to use bunch of paper towels to get rid of it… and then i washed my hands with soap for good 10 mins

  • How could you even leave it around for a month?!

    Now that you share that story, I can understand why someone might avoid using toothpaste for more than a day! (Only if you knew what your toothpaste had been through, I guess!)

  • hey… i went out and got another one the same day… and i know at least one guy who is too lazy to brush his teeth… haha… now you must be wondering what kind of friends i have… dont worry… not everyone i know is my friend

  • Some people don’t use toothpaste, they use baking soda…so people who don’t say “today” might not be dirty-mouths…

    There’s also some people who believe that toothpaste is just s corporate scam, and as long as you brush your teeth at all (with just the toothbrush), and floss, you’re doing just fine.

  • Toothpaste a jerking lotion. My day is now complete.

    *BANG! plop.*

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