Daily Archive for July 22nd, 2004

Professor’s NE Tour: part II

Second time in the Seattle Library before we leave to go camping on Mt. Reinier tonight. I forgot to mention yesterday the wonderful stay with my lovely sister MissBrookline. She loved our company, but I am sure was happy we left. We are indeed a handful if not a bushel.

As you were underground, we were underground too Joz. We went to the underground tour of Seattle, which was so wicked cool. Basically due to a fire and tons of sewage problems they just filled in downtown on top of old buildings and rebuilt above it at the beginning of the last century. (dates not shown to scale). Anyone in Seattle must do this! We went into some of the old buildings and walked underneath the sidewalk on the old sidewalks just feet below.

Last night we ate amazing falafel, and decided that after our night wanderings we would return to this place and get beers and Hookah. As promised we killed three beers each and smoked two large hookahs to death. It was very late when we finally decided to search for a place to stay, eventually finding the suburban Seattle’s equivalent to the Bates Hotel from Psycho. Actually it was sleazier then that, it was more like the Master Bates Hotel… Sorry, but it’s kinda true.

Oh there will be pictures from this trip. There will be tons of them. Any requests? What do you all want to see from my trip? I will do my best to provide them at a later date.

Back soon.-professoreric

p.s. As a wise man once said, “Ottawa’s the place to stay, get you body on the floor tonight!”

At an internet cafe

With only 5 minutes left on my internet card, we’ve been wandering the Underground City until we found another place for me to get my internet fix.

Thank goodness for the Van Houtte Cafe where we could get on for only $2.50 (CAN) for 30 minutes (as opposed to the stupid little internet booths which was $2.00 (CAN) for 10 minutes, and 20 cents per minute thereafter. And those keyboards sucked ass. But I was able to do what I really needed to and now we are resting from our trek in the underground maze.

Funny how “resting” means logging on for me. But my feet feel better now.

Thanks to all the guest bloggers who have been filling in while I’m melting in the heat and humidity of the fine city of Montreal.

Til next time…

P.S. – To ProfessorEric. I got your text message… I was within mere kilometers of OTTAWA yesterday!!!

Drooling at the sight of every internet cafe in Montreal

It has been a week (almost!) since I last logged on.

I was getting the shakes.

So sad am I.

Logging on from a public internet terminal at the end of a mall in the Underground City. Sounds so mysterious, I know, but really we’re just lookin for some air-conditioned spaces to hang out in.

Be back soon!

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