Daily Archive for July 21st, 2004

Where in the North West is The Prof?

Well currently in Seattle, WA, which is awsome by the way. We have been schlepping about the national parks and have been camping and hiking and visiting all of our furry little creature friends. Here is a short list of animals we have encountered (as in very closly): Bears, deer, marmots, elk, moose, seals, sea lions, starfish, hawks, gulls, cayotes, and oh so many more. We have slept in the rain and in the fog, on the beach and in the backyard of some very nice strangers. we have slept next to rivers and under boulders, and had a ton of fun. we have found the best little thrift stores and the best falafel in small towns. we were suprised on the latter as well. now we are in the seattle public library which is incredible. more to come later maybe. Joz. please spell check for me. i have to more minutes. this trip RAWKS! love, -professoreric

And now back to our regularly scheduled program

I don’t know why the blog disappeared for awhile, but thank goodness it’s back. Joz would kill me if it disappeared!

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