Guess the song

Heaven must be missin’ an angel
Missin’ one angel, child, ’cause you’re here with me right now
Your love is heavenly, baby
Heavenly to me, baby

Your kiss with tenderness
I want all I can get of your sexiness
Showers, your love comes in showers
And every hour of the hour
You let me feel your loving power

There’s a rainbow over my shoulder
When you came, my cup runt over
You gave me your heavenly love
And if one night you hear crying from above

Ooh, heaven, heaven

Ooh…I’m captured by your spell
You’re different, girl, I can tell
When you’re layin’ on my pillow, baby
Above your pretty head, there’s a halo, that’s why I know

You must have slipped away along the Milky Way
It’s ’cause your kiss [Filled with tenderness]

You came C.O.D. on a moonbeam straight to me
Just like showers

Your heavenly power gets stronger by the hour
[It’s just so good, so good, so good]

Posted by Kinkoman

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